Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Divorce (19)

With great difficulty, Lu Jinnian found a little spare time for himself from ten in the morning till five in the afternoon. He found a secluded place for some air and lit up a cigarette.

Halfway through his cigarette, he pulled out his phone and looked at it for a while. He clicked open Qiao Anhao's WeChat, wanting to send a message...

But Qiao Anxia was right. The more frequently he and Qiao Anhao got together, the more romantic they became, and the more Qiao Anhao got hurt.

He was too selfish by wanting to get closer to her when it brought her so much trouble.

Last time, her child died in her womb, and this time, would her entire reputation be in ruins?

He couldn't hurt her time and time again in the name of love.

With that thought, in the end, Lu Jinnian put his phone away and took a deep drag. Before he blew the smoke out, his a.s.sistant appeared and reminded him, "Mr. Lu, we should head out. Dinner is about to start."

There were quite a few of Beijing's business partners at the dinner party. Everyone knew each other and sat at the same table.

On a normal day, Lu Jinnian never spoke much and tonight he was no different. Since everyone sat down, they drank one gla.s.s after another, but he never spoke more than ten words.

The men and women were all the same - they all had a hint of nosiness in their bones.

After having one gla.s.s too many, people started talking about all sorts of things.

Lu Jinnian also caught wind of the person on everyone's lips but remained impartial and acted like he didn't care until the very end.

At last, he didn't know who started the topic, but the conversation fell on the Xu family enterprise.

"Han Ruchu, the vice president of Xu enterprises recently pooled several billions in funds. It seems to be an investment."

"That woman has always been full of courage. She stabilized a large majority of the Xu enterprise's finances."

"I've worked with her once or twice. She seems to be really knowledgeable and a visionary. She's brilliant."

On the topic of Han Ruchu, some complimented her, whilst others slammed her. In the end, who knew who said it first, but another gossip came to the front.

"Ah right! As we're on the topic of Han Ruchu, I just remembered an incident. Have you all heard? Recently, the young master Xu and the daughter of the Qiao family are talking about divorce?"

Lu Jinnian, who originally seemed like he didn't care, suddenly was all ears when he heard those words.

His heart jumped for a moment. Could it be - was Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu going to get a divorce because of him?"

"Seriously? When was this?"

"I heard about this around a week ago."

A week ago... Back then, there hadn't been any photos taken secretly of him and Qiao Anhao, so it had nothing to do with him?

Lu Jinnian's mood slightly relaxed.

"Why did they talk about divorce? The business relations.h.i.+p between Qiao and Xu families has been extremely close..."

"It was because of a woman - the granddaughter of Lin Sun. She's currently studying in university. I don't know how she and young master Xu got to know each other, but then the two of them kind of..." Mid-speech, that person shrugged his shoulders and hinted, "Well, you all know. Young master Xu must've fell for her and wants to marry her. Now they're thinking of how to get a divorce from the Qiao family."

Lu Jinnian, who never spoke suddenly asked, "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. My sister is cla.s.smates with Lin Sun's granddaughter. She saw young master Xu going to her school a few times, otherwise, how would I know about it."

"Lin Sun's granddaughter... They're truly a family with three generations worth of government officials. Indeed, a better match than the Qiao family. No wonder they're in talks of divorce."