Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 501

Chapter 501: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(2)

The moment Qiao Anhao left Qiao Anxia's house, it started to rain. 

Qiao Anxia stayed in an area where it was difficult to get a cab, and now that it rained, Qiao Anhao had to wait a long while before a one finally arrived. 

When the cab reached Mian Xiu Garden, the rain had escalated to a huge downpour. After paying the cab driver, Qiao Anhao rushed towards Xu Jiamu's mansion. In less than five minutes, she was thoroughly drenched. 

She ran into the house and stopped on the carpet by the entrance, ignoring her dripping clothes, as she fished for her phone in her bag. On the screen, there were multiple missed calls, all from Lu Jinnian.

The earliest one was three hours ago when she was still in Royal Palace, accompanying the hysterical Qiao Anxia. The room was filled with loud sounds back then, drowning out the sound of her phone, and afterwards she was preoccupied with chasing after Qiao Anxia, neglecting her phone. 

Without hesitating, she called Lu Jinnian, but was met with an off phone. 

Initially when Qiao Anhao had seen the missed calls, she had been ecstatic, but when he didn't answer, it dampened her mood in an instant, and she wondered if they were about to miss each other once again.

She placed the phone on the closet at the side, wringing her dripping her wet hair onto the water absorbing mat. 

The dirty rainwater flowed onto her face while she was wringing her hair dry, a few droplets falling into her eyes. 

Qiao Anhao had naturally sensitive eyes, every time she filmed, it was easy for her to tear up, causing a hard time for her makeup artist. Now that the rain water entered them, they turned red instantly. 

She pulled out a tissue, and just when she was about to dry her eyes, the door bell rang. 

Qiao Anhao was still in front of the door, so she turned, and without even asking who it was, she pulled the door open. Not bothering to look at who was outside, she lifted the tissue to dry her wet eyes. 

Lu Jinnian reached out, prepared to press the door bell once more, but before he could do so, the door was pulled open. He looked into the house instinctively, and inside, Qiao Anhao was thoroughly drenched, holding on a tissue, dabbing her eyes. His heart yanked, and he fell into a frenzy. 

Had she found out about Xu Jiamu's incident..? 

"Qiao Qiao..." Lu Jinnian was about to coax her but he paused, not knowing how to continue after calling her name. 

Ever since he was young, he had never spoken much, and in the face of the only girl he loved crying, his mind turned blank. How was he supposed to coax her? 

The moment Qiao Anhao heard his voice, she froze, lifting her head to look at him. She blinked incredulously, and in that moment, two tears streamed down her face. 

Lu Jinnian started to panic. His mind slowed down, and he opened his mouth, but nothing came out. His mind was in a mess and an impulse to beat Xu Jiamu begun to form. 

He tensed, his hands clenching into fists, while he desperately tried to suppress his heartache.