Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 503

Chapter 503: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(4)

Qiao Anhao noticed Lu Jinnian's weird behavior. She lifted her head up to look at him with a curious gaze. "What's wrong? You seem to be nervous." 

"Nothing." Lu Jinnian was back to his usual demeanor with just that word. He turned to look at the clock on the wall. It was almost 1 am, so he bent to pick up Qiao Anhao and then gently placed her on the bed before thoughtfully tucking her in. Switching off the lights, he said, "It's late, get some rest." 

That was when Qiao Anhao realized that his hair and clothes were still wet. They were both caught in the rain, but he had only thought about her. Touched and warmed, she curled under the blanket, saying softly, "Lu Jinnian, hurry and take a shower, you're going to get a cold."

"Yea," Lu Jinnian replied softly but remained stationary, his gaze on her. "I'll shower later, you should sleep first."

Qiao Anhao didn't argue, shutting her eyes obediently. Deep inside, she could sense something weird about him but, she couldn't seem to pinpoint what was it. 

The next morning, after she woke up, she received a call from Lu Jinnian, saying that he would take her for a trip. 

Even thought they had been interacting often, they didn't travel around much. She wondered about his sudden change, but instead of voicing it out, she happily agreed, randomly packing a few clothes with her. 

She had a.s.sumed that he meant traveling somewhere near Beijing for a short while, but she had never expected that he meant to travel around half of China!

From Luoyang to Xian to Shanghai to Hainan before heading to Hangzhou and ending off at Nanjing. 

Qiao Anhao managed to see the terracotta warriors and even climb Mount Hua. The latter had a difficult and narrow path, in her heels, she could barely walk there, so in the end, it was Lu Jinnian who carried her down. 

Qiao Anhao had been to Shanghai several times, and it was a bustling metropolis similar to Beijing, well suited for shopping. They stayed for three days, buying a ton of things, heading to the courier at least five times. 

They reached Hainan in the afternoon. After checking in, Qiao Anhao ran to the hotel boutique to get a beach dress and beach hat. Once she made sure she was pretty, she dragged Lu Jinnian to the beach to sit on the banana boat.

While they were on the boat, she was accidentally swung into the sea. Without hesitation, Lu Jinnian jumped into the sea faster than the workers, catching her. The both of them had on life jackets, so Qiao Anhao didn't seem afraid at all, spitting the salty water she had ingested all over Lu Jinnian's face. 

Besides Beijing, Hangzhou was the next state that housed a bulk of their memories, many of its sights had been visited when Qiao Anhao had visited when they were still in university. They strolled through the memory lane, cycling to the Xitang and Song cities. In the old town of Xitang, they entered a clay shop. With the guidance of the owner, they gave a try at making pottery.