Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 505

Chapter 505: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(6)

Ever since the start of filming of "Heaven's Sword" when Song Xiangsi had infuriated Xu Jiamu, they hadn't interacted once. 

Just as the rumors said, Xu Jiamu was indeed getting closer to Lin Qianqian. 

They first met when the girl was eleven. At that time, she had followed him everywhere, affectionately calling him "Brother Jiamu". He had been annoyed by her constant hara.s.sment until the day she emigrated with her parents. 

The day that Xu Jiamu had been infuriated by Song Xiangsi, he had headed straight for a bar to get a drink, that was where he reunited with Lin Qianqian. 

Intoxicated from the alcohol, she had ran to him calling him "Brother Jiamu", just like before. In a daze, he had stared at her for a long while but still couldn't figure out who she was. In the end, he was only able to remember who she was after she had told him her name. 

Lin Qianqian had s.n.a.t.c.hed over his phone to call herself, saving his number. She then returned to the dance floor to play with her cla.s.smates. 

The next day, he received a call from her. At that time, he was still confused as to how she had gotten his number. 

When they were young, he had hated how she acted like a princess. If not for his parents, he would never have been willing to play with her. He randomly threw her a few excuses after receiving her call, but when he was prepared to hang up, a notification came in, reminding him to settle the divorce with Qiao Anhao. 

Just then, a thought flashed past, and he returned back to the call and chatted a while more. Soon after, he accompanied her to the mall and even had a meal with her. 

But today, it was purely fate that led them to have a meal together in Beijing Hotel. 

Lin Qianqian had somehow gotten his location and had gone to his office to find him. He had originally wanted to send her back to school but had b.u.mped into Song Xiangsi having a meal with Hua Yao Enterprise's vice president. That's why he decided to bring Lin Qianqian ,who was insisting on watching a movie, for a meal. 

Song Xiangsi and the vice president of Hua Yao Enterprise sat in the main dining area, so Xu Jiamu deliberately chose a spot nearby. 

The vice president of Hua Yao Enterprise recognized him instantly, standing up to greet him enthusiastically. 

In contrast, Song Xiangsi remained emotionless in his presence, treating him as a stranger. Only after the vice president of Hua Yang Enterprise finished his greetings did she acknowledge his presence out of courtesy. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Xu."

She was indeed the best female screen actress. After sharing a bed with him for the past seven years, she could still act as though it was the first time they met...

Xu Jiamu acted even more distant than her, lightly shaking the hand she had reached out before pulling Lin Qianqian's chair out gentlemanly. He even handed her a napkin thoughtfully. 

It was probably the first time that Xu Jiamu had treated her so well, causing her to feel flattered. 

Xu Jiamu sneaked a glance at Song Xiangsi; she was smiling happily as she conversed with the vice president of Hua Yao Enterprise, oblivious to Xu Jiamu and Lin Qianqian. 

At that moment, an unspeakable fury ignited in Xu Jiamu.