Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 506

Chapter 506: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(7)
Chapter 506: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(7)

Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

Lin Qianqian started treating Xu Jiamu intimately, reciprocating his thoughtful acts. 

In the past, Xu Jiamu would have definitely pushed her away, but this time, he didn't and even cooperated with her. He didn't keep his eyes on Song Xiangsi, but all his attention was on her.

Ever since the start, she remained oblivious to him. When he opened his mouth to accept the plum that Lin Qianqian had personally brought over, he started to feel an unexplained sense of helplessness. In an instance, he felt that everything he was doing was meaningless. When he was about to foot the bill, a figure suddenly approached him. 

Xu Jiamu lifted his head instinctively, and his lips curled upwards instantly. "Bro…" 

Before he could finish his greeting, Lu Jinnian had already yanked his collar upwards. His actions were violent and abrupt, catching Xu Jiamu off guard. 

Lin Qianqian bolted up from the seat in shock. "What are you..." 

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian turned to send her a menacing glare, it looked as though she was a family enemy. Furiously, he spat out, "Don't speak to me, it'll taint my ears." 

A s.h.i.+ver ran through her spine, and she swallowed her question, standing frozen in shock. 

Lu Jinnian didn't mince his words at all, so to Lin Qianqian who had been pampered ever since young, it was a huge shock. As she stared at this infuriated celestial looking man, she was too afraid to speak, biting down on her lip, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. 

"Bro, what are you doing?" Xu Jiamu asked in a low voice. Even though Xu Jiamu didn't like Lin Qianqian, he still found such actions repulsive. 

Lu Jinnian ignored his question, with a cold expression that was emitting frost, he dragged Xu Jiamu to a restroom. 

After Qiao Anhao finished the cup of tea that Lu Jinnian had poured for her, she waited a while longer but when he was still not back, she took out her phone to give him a call. The phone started to ring beside her. 

She turned and found that Lu Jinnian had left his phone on the chair beside him. 

After waiting a while more, she started to feel bored. Grabbing her things, she walked out the room to find Lu Jinnian. 

The moment she came out of the elevator, she caught a glimpse of Lu Jinnian. He was standing at the front desk, his expression infuriated as he glared behind him. 

Qiao Anhao had wanted to run over but stopped instinctively, turning towards his line of sight. There, she saw Xu Jiamu, who was sitting by a window. In front of him was a young and pretty girl that looked familiar, but in that instance, she wasn't able to decipher who she was. 

Xu Jiamu and the girl were behaving intimately, occasionally feeding each other food. There was even once when he leaned over to whisper in her ear, sparking a smile on her face. 

The next moment, Lu Jinnian, who was staring in a fury, stomped over under the scrutiny of the crowd to yank Xu Jiamu to the restroom.