Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 508

Chapter 508: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(9)
Chapter 508: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You9
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Lu Jinnian knew that some secrets won't hold, but to witness Xu Jiamu behaving intimately with another women had sent a hint of anxiousness through his burning heart.

Even though he wasn't the one who was having an affair and the person that was betrayed, Qiao Anhao, wasn't him, he couldn't help panicking.

He was the person that was most afraid to see sadness and heartache in the eyes on that woman.

Lu Jinnian tidied his messy clothes, took in a few deep breaths, trying to suppress his anger. When he finally calmed down, he walked out.


Qiao Anhao couldn't explain why she wanted to hide, but when she heard Lu Jinnian walking inside the restroom, she instinctively hid herself.

She was the only one in the big luxurious restroom. Leaning against a cold hard door, she could hear Lu Jinnian's voice, speaking with a hint of anger. "Release the man inside after twelve minutes."

Subsequently, the sound of his footsteps gradually softened until they finally disappeared. She raised her hand and looked at the reflection of herself in the gold encrusted mirror. All she could feel was her thumping heart. Blood raced across her body, and a strange feeling rushed through her.

She was confused about Lu Jinnian's action at first, but now that she had heard his conversation, she understood that it was because of her.

"Xu Jiamu, your taste sure hasn't gotten better, how is that woman better than Qiao Anhao!"

"That woman can never compare to Qiao Anhao, you must be blind!"

In her memory, Lu Jinnian had always been distant and arrogant. Even when he was infuriated, he was still able to maintain his calm and elegant demeanor, delivering the most hurtful words.

But today, he was visibly out of control .When he scolded Xu Jiamu, his voice was trembling.

He thought that Xu Jiamu had a new lover and had abandoned her. It infuriated him and he hurt the brother that he cared about a lot.

In order to end their marriage, Xu Jiamu had acted as though he had betrayed her, and it was all to ensure that she won't get blamed by her family when they divorced.

Lu Jinnian wasn't clear on the truth, so he had misunderstood him, causing such a big mix-up.

But even if it was a misunderstanding, it was a beautiful misunderstanding.

Lu Jinnian had wanted to stand up for her after learning that she was wronged, he had locked Xu Jiamu up in the restroom for twelve minutes, afraid that she would see him with another woman...

Everything he was doing was because of her.

Even though he was aloof and distant and had never said anything touching to her, but all his actions moved her.

How could she not love such a man?

Qiao Anhao's eyes turned red instantly.

After a long while, when she was finally able to calm herself down, she washed her face and headed back up to the room.


When Lu Jinnian reached the room, he didn't see Qiao Anhao, but just when he was about to call her, his assistant called.