Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 512

Chapter 512: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(13)
Chapter 512: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You13
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Xu Jiamu suddenly paused. He lifted his head to look into the mirror before turning to face Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Qiao, do you think i look good with the scar?"

Yesterday, when he came out of the washroom, he had bumped into Song Xiangsi. At that time, he was tending to his wound, so when he caught sight of her, he turned, facing her with the unscarred side of his face. He thought that she would brush past him, acting as a stranger, but she suddenly stopped, before walking in front of him.

Lifting her hands, she straightened his face to study the side that was bruised before chuckling. "Pssh! Hahaha! You look so much better like that!" Releasing his face, she entered the washroom.

Qiao Anhao replied simply, "No."

"Not good?" Xu Jiamu asked persistently before staring into the mirror once more. "I think I look good though..."

"..." Qiao Anhao lifted her eyes, ignoring Xu Jiamu, before adding shortly after, "Brother Jiamu, thank you."

Xu Jiamu, who was still examining his scar, suddenly turned serious. "Qiao Qiao, whatever I said just now was just a joke, I never took it to heart..."

"I know." Curling her lips into a smile, she continued, "But still, thank you."


Xu Jiamu was still busy, so he dropped her off at Mian Xiu Garden's entrance, not following her in.

Qiao Anhao started to pack the moment she reached his house.

Even though she hadn't stayed for long, she had many things, a large chunk bought when she went traveling with Lu Jinnian.

When she first came to Xu Jiamu's mansion, she had only brought one luggage, so there wasn't enough room for her newly bought things. In the end, she gave up, heading to the supermarket nearby to get a new suitcase.


Since Qiao Anhao didn't need company, Lu Jinnian headed to his office the next day.

After being away for so long, there was an accumulated stack of documents for him, even if he had been working every night. Lu Jinnian spent the entire afternoon buried in documents. After having lunch, he barely had time to rest before having to meet a client to sign a contract. Directly after, he had another meeting.

By the time he returned to his office, it was already 6 pm. He sat in his chair, finally able to calm down after the frantic day. Reaching for his phone out of habit, he scrolled through the long list of notifications, realizing that there weren't any news from Qiao Anhao.

After visiting the Xu family she didn't say anything?

Just when he was about to send her a text, an incoming call came in.

Qiao Anhao was calling.

Without hesitation, Lu Jinnian received the call. "Hello."

Before the call could even ring, Lu Jinnian had already picked up. There was a moment of silence before Qiao Anhao asked, "Are you done with your work?"

Without even glancing at the documents that had piled into a mini hill on his desk, Lu Jinnian replied, "I'm done."