Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 517

Chapter 517: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(18)

"Hey, Lu Jinnian, shouldn't you down that second gla.s.s?" Qiao Anhao nudged her jaw towards his gla.s.s forcefully again since Lu Jinnian remained motionless. 

"Yes, yes," Lu Jinnian replied in agitation before downing the entire gla.s.s without flinching. 

When he placed the gla.s.s down, he pinched himself violently in a spot she couldn't see. Sharp burning pain ran through his body, and it brightened his mood. 

Lu Jinnian poured himself another gla.s.s, downing the contents to calm his excitement. Glancing over at Qiao Anhao, he asked, "Now that you're single again, do you have any plans?" 

"Plans, hmm, not yet..." Qiao Anhao shook her head, reaching for a sweet vinegar pork rib, but before she could reach the plate, Lu Jinnian had already placed the biggest piece in her bowl.

Qiao Anhao bent her head to munch on the pork rib. Later, lifting her head, she added, "But as for now, the most important thing would be to complete the filming for "Heaven's sword" 

Lu Jinnian seemed to be reminded then that when they acted as a couple, she had climbed into his bed. Till today, he still wasn't clear about her reasons. She didn't lack money, so why did she enter the industry?

He asked, "Qiao Qiao, I never asked you before, but why did you enter the entertainment industry?" 


Of you... Those words almost came out, but Qiao Anhao managed to stop them in time. She munched on the pork rib a bit more before replying, "...I want to be the best screen actress."

Best screen actress would definitely be part of the best screen couple. 

Back when she couldn't get close to him and could never be a real couple with him, her deepest wish was to settle for being a fake, on-screen couple. 

Qiao Anhao bit on her chopsticks while lifting her eyes to glance at Lu Jinnian. "Oh, right, didn't you ask me what I intend to do in the future? "Heaven's Sword" is just a short term goal, in the future, I want to settle down with a good man."

Hope flashed pa.s.sed Lu Jinnian's eyes. He held onto her words, asking sincerely, "What do you consider good?" 

'Just like you…' Qiao Anhao thought inwardly. She continued to bite on her chopsticks. After a short while, she spoke with a bright smile on her face. "Someone who treats me well is considered good."

Even though Qiao Anhao wanted to treat him, Lu Jinnian still managed to pay in the end. 

They both pulled one suitcase when exiting Hua Yuan hotel. Lu Jinnian placed both suitcases in his car boot, then opened the pa.s.senger seat for Qiao Anhao. Only after making sure she was well seated did he move to the driver seat. 

After starting the car, Qiao Anhao said, "Lu Jinnian, you can drop me off at Four Seasons hotel." 

Lu Jinnian glanced at her doubtfully. She understood instantly, explaining, "I moved out from Brother Jiamu's mansion, but I didn't want to return to Qiao Mansion, and since everything had happened in such a rush, I didn't have time to find accommodation yet."