Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 519

Chapter 519: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(20)

[If you can't find anything or don't know anything, you can ask me.] 

Lu Jinnian didn't have much work the entire afternoon. When it was finally time for a meeting, he had even fallen into a daze. The night before had seemed like a dream, it was so surreal. 

After enduring through the meeting, he returned to his office and reached for his phone to write Qiao Anhao a text. [Are you awake?]

Qiao Anhao was prepared to have the breakfast he bought. There were dough fritters in her hands, so she sent a voice message instead. She replied in a murmur, "I'm awake." 

[What are you doing?]

Qiao Anhao sent him a photo. 

Lu Jinnian glanced at the familiar dining area and the breakfast he had bought earlier, his heart finally a.s.sured.

He wasn't dreaming, Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu had really divorced. She was single and living in his house.... 

In an instance, mixed emotions clouded his mind. He had never dared to think of entering her heart, but now, he seemed to see the light to his long wait, but he still couldn't help feeling insecure. 

She was the woman he had been loving for thirteen years, one he gave up on only when he realized that she was in love with Xu Jiamu. Now, that she no longer had anything to do with his brother, Lu Jinnian finally had the opportunity he had been waiting for. He was prepared to use his entire life to get her. 

No one could know how much courage was needed to advance friends.h.i.+p into a relations.h.i.+p as any mistake would send one straight down to the dumps. 

It was a gamble, and Lu Jinnian didn't have any confidence at all. Regardless, he was not willing to easily give up on her. 

He had been waiting for thirteen years... Only after thirteen long years did he finally have this opportunity. 

A lifetime was a long time. Even if he couldn't get her in a year, he could try for another one, or even three, or four years... Or even the next thirteen years... 

Before the afternoon meeting, Lu Jinnian sent Qiao Anhao another text to ask what she was doing again. 

Halfway through the meeting, she replied with a voice message. He placed the phone to his ear, gathering that she was watching television. He even heard the faint advertis.e.m.e.nt being played in the background. 

He placed his phone back down and asked, [What are you watching?] 

Qiao Anhao sent yet another voice message back, but this time, when he placed the phone to his ear, the marketing director had just finished his presentation. He faced Lu Jinnian asking, "Mr. Lu, what do you think?"

Lu Jinnian's lack of response caught the attention of the entire room. Everyone caught sight of him listening to his phone. 

Even though he would faze out during meetings sometimes, this was the first time that he had done it so openly. The directors looked around at each other before finally the market research director asked again, "Mr. Lu?" 

Lu Jinnian placed his phone down, and just when the directors were prepared to hear his comment, he started typing on his phone. 

His a.s.sistant, who was sitting beside him, couldn't help coughing to remind him before discretely kicking him under the table. 

But he seemed to have used too much strength, which startled Lu Jinnian, and he accidentally clicked onto the voice message.