Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 523

Chapter 523: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(24)

Lu Jinnian's beautiful eyes were deep and bright, with a hint of a mysterious glint. In just an instance, Qiao Anhao was mesmerized. 

Just like that, the room narrowed in on them, and they could only see the other in their eyes. 

Lu Jinnian's eyes deepened. He stared for a long while before leaning closer. 

Qiao Anhao had a tingling suspicion for what was to come, and her lashes trembled, but she didn't try to hide. 

Lu Jinnian's features magnified gradually, and just before his lips touched hers, she shut her eyes. She could distinctively feel his warm breath on her face, and her hands tightened on the sofa as she prepared for the kiss. But just before he reached her lips, her phone rang. 

Lu Jinnian stopped, staring at Qiao Anhao for a while longer before forcing himself away. 

Qiao Anhao flushed a deep shade of red. She glanced at her phone before walking to the window to pick up. "Sis." 

"Qiao Qiao, you moved out of Jiamu's mansion?"


"Then why didn't you come back to stay?" 

"I intend to get an apartment in the city, didn't you get one for yourself as well?" 

"All right..." Qiao Anxia paused for a bit before adding, "If you see anything you like, don't hesitate to get it." 

Qiao Anhao hung up. When she turned, she saw Lu Jinnian walking out of the bathroom. 

In the past, they would use their deal as an excuse, but now that they decided to be friends, their almost kiss seemed weird. Qiao Anhao averted her gaze, while Lu Jinnian remained at ease. He glanced at the time. "It's getting late, get some rest." 

The words seemed to be Qiao Anhao's saviors. She nodded, hurriedly threw a "Goodnight!", and ran up to her room. 

Even though Lu Jinnian indeed wanted to do certain things, he was willing to wait till after his confession, when she accepted him and they became an official couple. 

Yet even though that was his intention, that night at 1am, he was still reminiscing about what almost happened on the sofa. 

At night, Qiao Anhao was awakened by thirst, probably due to the ice cream and chips that she had eaten earlier. 

Using the glow from the staircase light, she ran down the stairs in her nightgown. She poured herself a cup of water before throwing her head back to down the water. Just then, the lights in the living room turned on.

Qiao Anhao jumped in shock, her hand trembling, spilling the contents onto her chest. She turned, seeing Lu Jinnian walk out of the study room on the first floor. 

Qiao Anhao wore a white night gown, and now that it was wet, it was almost transparent.

Lu Jinnian's gaze fell on the wet patch on her chest. 

Qiao Anhao froze for an entire minute before snapping back to her senses. She placed the cup down, and s.h.i.+elding herself with her hands, she ran towards the stairs. As she brushed past Lu Jinnian, he suddenly reached out to grab her hand, pressing her against the wall behind her. Lowering his head, he covered her lips.