Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 525

Chapter 525: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(26)

In the past, when they acted as a couple, when he saw her in his arms still asleep in the morning, it wasn't that he didn't feel happy or touched, but now, everything was different. He felt a strong wave of emotion hit him, and he was even a little moved. 

Thirteen years, soon to be fourteen…. From the initial lack of capability to love her to the forbidden deep love to finally being able to tell her he loved her. He had to endure over five thousand nights... His net worth grew from below three digits to over ten digits... He could finally love her. 

Lu Jinnian was never an emotional person, but at that moment, moisture started welling in his eyes. 

Since he woke up, he had been staring at Qiao Anhao, as though he could never get enough of her. Last night, she had fallen asleep on his arm, and they remained in the same position through the night. Right now, his arms were numb, but he didn't want to move an inch.

Only at 8 am did the alarm start to ring. Lu Jinnian carefully took Qiao Anhao's head off his arm. Lowering his head, he placed a loving kiss on her forehead before leaving the bed. 

After preparing for work, he went to get breakfast for her and placed it in a thermoflask. Only then did he finally head off to work, sending her a few texts on his way to remind her to eat and that the gym card, the lounge card, and a bank card were placed on the table. The gym and lounge cards could be used in the mall nearby so that she could have some entertainment. 

Qiao Anhao slept all the way till 10 am, her body weak and in pain. She flipped to the side, hugging a blanket, and shut her eyes to continue resting. Five seconds later, she seemed to have realized that she wasn't wearing anything.

After a momentary freeze, her eyes flew open and she inspected her body - it was covered in kiss marks. She turned and saw her nightgown peeping from under the bed, that was when she recalled the events from the night before. 

Without being under any form of transaction, they had made love... 

A day ago, Qiao Anhao could still believe that they were still friends, but after last night, they were no longer pure. 

She hadn't seduced him the previous night. Regardless of how one saw it, it was all Lu Jinnian. But he hadn't explained anything... What did he mean? 

One night stand? Friends with benefits? Girlfriend? But Lu Jinnian hadn't even confessed or officially asked her out...

Qiao Anhao's mind started to run. After a while, she still wasn't able to figure out his intentions. Climbing off the bed, she went to wash up. When she returned for her phone, she saw Lu Jinnian's text. 

She came downstairs to the dinning table, taking in the cards that were on the table. Behind the bank card, there was a small note with the pa.s.sword, Qiao Anhao could tell that it was probably Lu Jinnian subsidiary card. 

She stirred the porridge as she gazed at the cards, her mind in a mess. 

As she ate in confusion, her phone suddenly rang. Glancing over, she saw that it was from Lu Jinnian.