Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 526

Chapter 526: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(27)

Qiao Anhao hesitated slightly before picking up the video call. 

Lu Jinnian spoke without much emotion, but his voice wasn't as cold as usual. "You're awake?" 

Qiao Anhao swallowed the porridge in her mouth. "Mmh, why?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to know if you're awake." Lu Jinnian paused before adding, "I'll be going to the western suburbs later on to play gold with Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zhao."

Was he reporting his schedule? Why was he telling her about it? 

Qiao Anhao secretly complained in her heart. Lifting her head, she looked out the window at the bright sun. "The sun's really strong today, won't it be hot?"

"It's a indoor golf course."

"Oh," she replied before taking a bite of bread. Just then, she heard knocks on the door coming from the phone. The next moment, Lu Jinnian responded, "Come in." His face came back on the screen once again. "I'll get busy now."

"Mmh, bye."

When Qiao Anhao hung up, she pinched the bread as her mind wandered off. 

After friends have s.e.x, there are usually three scenarios—they pretend nothing happened and continue being friends, they become a couple, or lastly, they never meet again. 

Qiao Anhao was quite sure that Lu Jinnian wouldn't choose the last option so it was either the first or the second one... 

But was it the friend or girlfriend one? Even though the two choices were only a word apart, the status was worlds apart!

Qiao Anhao bit hard into the bread, remembering that Lu Jinnian had sought her permission the night before. "Qiao Qiao, can I continue?"

He was seeking her permission... So why did he leave her a bank card and why did he call to report his whereabouts... 

Was he trying to test out being a couple?

Joy started to seep through her heart before it suddenly turned to worry... But he had a girl he had been loving for thirteen years... Now that he was interested in her, what if one day they grew apart?

While Qiao Anhao was fretting over her emotions, she finished her breakfast. Just then, she seemed to have figured her status: semi-girlfriend, a little closer than a friend but a little less than a real girlfriend.

Even though she always wanted to be with him, she had never dared to think of hat actually happening, so now that he was her semi-boyfriend, she was content... Maybe, if everything worked out, they would really get together...

The positiveness lifted Qiao Anhao's spirits instantly, and heading upstairs, she changed into a pretty set of clothes. Grabbing the bank card from her semi-boyfriend, she left for the mall nearby.

On her way, she received three calls from Lu Jinnian: one to tell her that he had finished playing golf, another to inform her of his meeting at 3 pm, and the last one to tell her not to wait for him as he would come back a little late tonight.

It was four in the afternoon. Qiao Anhao was tired from all the walking, so she found a cafe to take a rest. That was when she received her fourth call.