Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 527

Chapter 527: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You (28)

It was four in the afternoon. Qiao Anhao was tired from all the walking, so she found a cafe to take a rest. That was when she received her fourth call.

At the time, Qiao Anhao had a straw in her mouth and had finished half of her bubble milk tea that she bought from her semi-boyfriend's, Lu Jinnian's card. In reality, the bubble milk tea tasted average, but because it was bought with Lu Jinnian's money, Qiao Anhao felt like it tasted better than any she had drank before.

By chance, there were two very fas.h.i.+onable young women sitting next to Qiao Anhao. One of them raised her wrist and said to the other, "This is something my boyfriend bought for me. He spent..." She made a hand gesture of the number eight.

The other woman looked envious when she asked, "Eight million?"

"Eighty million!" The other woman showed off, revealing the price, causing a glow of admiration to practically fall from the other woman's eyes.

At that sight, Qiao Anhao silently lowered her head and glanced at the eighteen yuan bubble milk tea. She couldn't help but let out a long, sweet sigh. As a semi-girlfriend, she sure was "cheap"...

Right after, her phone rang. Qiao Anhao thought it was Lu Jinnian at first, so she pulled out her phone and picked up the call. When she was going to say Lu Jinnian's name, she actually saw Qiao Anxia's name flash on the screen, and awkwardly changed "Lu" for "Sis".

Qiao Anxia had no intention of talking nonsense. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, she was swift and decisive. "Qiao Qiao, did you see the news just now?"

Qiao Anhao bit her straw, making noises as she sucked her milk tea. With a blank expression on her face, she asked, "What news?"

"About Xu Enterprises," said Qiao Anxia, straight to the point. She took the opportunity to lecture Qiao Anhao. "Qiao Qiao... In any case, you're a part of the Qiao family. Could you please spend some time in your day to focus on business news? Do you know what's happening with our Qiao Enterprise stocks? Are you really planning to rely on the entertainment industry for the rest of your life? Have you never thought about working at Qiao Enterprises..."

Qiao Anhao knew that there was no end to Qiao Anxia's topic, so she quickly swallowed the tapioca in her mouth, and sweetly said, "Sis, Sis, I know. I'll put things right, but first, get to the point. What happened with the Xu family?"

"The Xu family..." Qiao Anxia's tone instantly became serious. "The project Aunt Xu recently spent several billions on fell through. They don't want to cooperate with her anymore, and so that large sum of money was squandered just like that.

"Then, there were problems with the food at the Xu Enterprises which led to a dramatic fall in stock prices... In such a short afternoon, thirty percent of the Xu Enterprise a.s.sets just dissipated in a puff of smoke... Not only that, but now, someone bought a large amount of shares from the Xu Enterprise..."

"How could this happen?" A hint of anxiousness covered what was left of the sweet expression on Qiao Anhao's face at the thought of being semi-boyfriend/girlfriend with Lu Jinnian. "Hasn't business recently been going just fine at Xu Enterprises?"

"Business was going great, but at the moment, someone must be trying to sabotage the Xu family behind the scenes. Most importantly, n.o.body knows who might be against them. All in all, things don't look good for the Xu family right now."