Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 531

Chapter 531: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (2)

"Mr. Lu, there really isn't a problem with it. It's already perfect." The a.s.sistant expressed his honest opinion to Lu Jinnian. Seeing as he was still a little anxious, he wanted to calm his nerves, so he looked all around him, and in the end, grabbed a pile of doc.u.ments from the table. He walked up to Lu Jinnian, and said, "Mr. Lu, how about we play a game to see if the heavens will allow your confession to succeed or not succeed?"

Lu Jinnian slightly nodded, then stared with rapt attention at the a.s.sistant's test.

The a.s.sistant grabbed the first doc.u.ment and said. "Confession succeeds..."

He grabbed the second doc.u.ment. "Confession doesn't succeed..."

"Confession succeeds..."

"Confession doesn't succeed..."

When the a.s.sistant saw the last doc.u.ment, his expression instantly stiffened. He didn't dare sneak a glance at Lu Jinnian.

How could the last doc.u.ment coincidentally be 'Confession doesn't succeed'!

In that split second, Lu Jinnian's expression froze over. With a light tone, he helped the a.s.sistant reveal the answer, "Confession doesn't succeed?"

The a.s.sistant instantly felt a cold s.h.i.+ver crawl up his back. He quickly shook his head and said, "Mr. Lu, it was a simple mistake. Let's go again now... again... This time, I'll start with 'Confession doesn't succeed', then it'll end with 'Confession succeeds'..."

"Leave!" Before the a.s.sistant could finish, Lu Jinnian casually grabbed the computer's mouse, and chucked it at the a.s.sistant. This time, the a.s.sistant completely shut up, hugged the doc.u.ments in his arm, and bolted out of the office.

Lu Jinnian sat back in his office chair in rage. He raised his hand and ma.s.saged his head. He stared at the doc.u.ments his a.s.sistant counted just now, then dawdled for a while, recounting, "Confession doesn't succeed... Confession succeeds... Confession doesn't succeed... Confession succeeds..."


"Confession succeeds!" Lu Jinnian looked at the last doc.u.ment, and slowly said those two words. Then, he shut his eyes, and sat back into his chair. He secretly thought that he'll definitely succeed. Definitely succeed!

Though Lu Jinnian called Qiao Anhao to say that he might be home late, and for her not to wait for him to have dinner, he still managed to get out of his dinner meeting and drive home early on his own.

On his way back, he gave Qiao Anhao a call, as he knew that she'd be eating at the lower floor of the mall. And so, he drove directly to the parking lot of the mall, and went to find her.

When Lu Jinnian arrived, Qiao Anhao had just finished eating. He casually paid the bill, and seeing as it was early, he suggested that they go watch a movie.

Qiao Anhao didn't mind.

As Lu Jinnian hadn't thought in advance what movie to watch, he chose the one that was about to play.

When they sat down in their seats, the movie had already started. Lu Jinnian froze as he realized that the female lead happened to be Lin s.h.i.+yi. He then realized that Huan Ying Entertainment had invested in this movie half a year ago, but it was only recently released in cinema.

He was so concerned with the time, that he completely didn't pay attention to the cast. When this film was shot, Qiao Anhao hadn't entered the entertainment industry yet, and Song Xiangsi was filming in Hollywood, so Lin s.h.i.+yi was considered for the role of the female lead.

Lu Jinnian knew that Qiao Anhao and Lin s.h.i.+yi had never gotten along, yet this was the movie he chose. He was a little afraid that she'd be unhappy, so he turned to glance over at her, and whispered in her ear, "Who in the world has such bad taste to cast such a c.r.a.ppy female lead?"