Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 532

Chapter 532: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (3)

Lu Jinnian knew that Qiao Anhao and Lin s.h.i.+yi had never gotten along, yet this was the movie he chose. He was a little afraid that she'd be unhappy, so he turned to glance over at her, and whispered in her ear, "Who in the world has such bad taste to cast such a c.r.a.ppy female lead?"

Of course, Qiao Anhao knew that Lu Jinnian was putting down Lin s.h.i.+yi to make her happy.

Honestly speaking, Lin s.h.i.+yi was by far more strikingly beautiful on screen than off. Though she wasn't exactly nicknamed the world's unrivaled beauty, but her looks did stand out above the rest. All in all, she wasn't completely terrible.

However, Qiao Anhao still disliked Lin s.h.i.+yi. She felt it especially after sitting down to watch a film where she starred as the female lead. There was a hint of discomfort in her heart at first, but after hearing Lu Jinnian's words, her discomfort quickly turned to delight. She bit her straw and drank her hot orange juice. With her eyes glued to Lin s.h.i.+yi, who had very fine make up on, she said, "Is she that bad? I think she's all right..."

With those words, Qiao Anhao suddenly remembered that Lin s.h.i.+yi was a signed actress under Huan Ying Entertainment. The only way she could have gotten the female lead's role was through someone's ninety percent stake in Huan Ying Entertainment. She then pulled out her phone and did a Baidu search for this movie, to find that it was, in actual fact, a production by Huan Ying Entertainment. The movie was targeted to celebrate Chinese Valentine's day. What's more, the first name among the investors was: Lu Jinnian!

So he actually scolded himself for having bad taste... A sweetness spread across Qiao Anhao's face, and a bright and touching smile took over her face. She then tilted her head and forcibly asked, "So do you think I'm pretty?"

When Qiao Anhao left the house, she was afraid of being recognized, so she wore a pair of black In that moment, whilst they sat in the cinema, the screen was dark, and so she took the off to watch the movie. Without having applied any make up onto her brows, she looked clean and energetic. The lights reflected off of the cinema screen and sent a sharp ray of light into her eyes. She saw that Lu Jinnian's expression was blank when he nodded and said without hesitation, "Pretty."

When Qiao Anhao heard his compliment, she handed her phone to him, and, with a pout, said, "But you just said you had no taste! So you're saying I'm not pretty enough?"

Lu Jinnian didn't think Qiao Anhao would actually use his own words against him. He opened his mouth, but in that instant, he couldn't think of how to get out of it. In the end, he decided to tightly shut his mouth.

Upon seeing Lu Jinnian's sunken expression, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but smile. She turned her head and continued to look towards the screen. Who knows if it was because of her good mood, but she no longer felt that Lin s.h.i.+yi was that annoying.

Lu Jinnian, who sat beside her, focused every second on Qiao Anhao. Even though he saw that she was really into the movie, he still felt like there was something wrong in his heart. After a short while, he couldn't help but turn his head to ask, "Qiao Qiao, do you want to go out for a walk?"

Qiao Anhao shook her head, and ignored him. She stared at the screen without blinking, at the scene where the male and female leads were choosing wedding dresses.

Lu Jinnian stayed quiet for about three minutes. He then pointed at Lin s.h.i.+yi's crying face on the big screen, and, turning his head towards Qiao Anhao, said, "Her acting skills are truly terrible. She's not even in character when she cries!"

Qiao Anhao pretended she didn't hear and reached out for the popcorn beside her. But, as she didn't look, she grabbed the air.