Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 534

Chapter 534: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(5)

The supermarket was about to close, so it was very crowded. Lu Jinnian was afraid that Qiao Anhao might get lost, so he held onto her throughout their entire grocery trip.

The supermarket was near where they stayed, so instead of getting his car, they decided to walk back. 

The night breeze blew softly and the street lamps cast a warm glow. Lu Jinnian held the grocery bag in one hand and held Qiao Anhao's hand in the other. The walk was short, the endless cars zooming by, continuously honking their horns. There were still people at the bus stop and there were others below the bridge singing... 

Qiao Anhao could feel her palm start to sweat in Lu Jinnian's hand, and she turned over to gaze at the man that was much taller than she was, his handsome looks s.h.i.+nning under the warm glow by the street lamp. She counted the street lamps as she walked, and she suddenly wondered what she was feeling now that they were a semi-couple... Was this semi-dating? It was sweet, it was warm and there was a hint of agitation... It was the feeling of bliss that she had never felt before. 

Once they returned home, Qiao Anhao headed upstairs to take a shower. When she came back down, Lu Jinnian had already showered in the bathroom on the first floor. He wore a light colored lounge wear as he sat on the sofa having a video call. In front of him was half a watermelon and a spoon.

When Qiao Anhao walked over, Lu Jinnian lifted his head to glance at her. When he realized that she was wearing a sling nightgown, he closed the video and started to type instead.

Since he was busy working, Qiao Anhao didn't disrupt him. She sat in the corner and switched on the television. Hugging the watermelon in front of her, she dug the spoon in to take a bite. Halfway through his work, Lu Jinnian turned to look at her curiously, he even reached out to wipe the watermelon juice off the corners of her lips. 

Qiao Anhao decided to be nice, she reached out to place a piece of watermelon in his mouth. Lu Jinnian opened his mouth to accept the watermelon. Raising his hands, he caressed her head indulgently before continuing to work on his laptop. 

After the first bite, she started to feed him more... Halfway through, she glanced at his laptop screen, the screen was packed with complicated statistics and information that she didn't understand. Without asking him, she continued to feed him. In that moment, her spirits were high and she could see herself as the free loader that Lu Jinnian kept at home. He would be in charge of earning money to feed her while she was in charge of eating and drinking. 

She had finished a third of the watermelon and was feeding the rest to Lu Jinnian.

He seemed to be engrossed in his work, but whenever her spoon approached, he would automatically open his mouth to accept the watermelon. 

Just then, an advertis.e.m.e.nt started to play. Out of boredom, Qiao Anhao decided to tease him just like before with the prawns.. She placed watermelons seeds on the spoon and fed him as usual. Indeed, he swallowed the entire spoon without even looking, causing her to burst into laughter.

Only when Lu Jinnian heard her laughter did he realize that something was wrong... He bent his head to spit out the seeds before closing his laptop. Turning, he pounced on Qiao Anhao.