Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 536

Chapter 536: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(7)


Lu Jinnian raised his hand to caress Qiao Anhao's back softly, sending a tremble down her spine. Before she could continue the conversation, he pressed her below him, sealing her lips. 

The temperature in the room heated instantly, and Qiao Anhao's mind started to wander. An uncontrollable, soft murmur escaped her lips... 

After Lu Jinnian was finished with Qiao Anhao, she fell into a deep sleep.

He climbed out of bed, pulled out a piece of wet tissue to give her a quick clean, and returned to hug her to sleep. 

The next morning was a weekend, and Lu Jinnian didn't set an alarm as he didn't need to work. Only when Qiao Anhao rouse did he finally open his tightly shut eyes. Groggy and in a daze, he bit on her ears, softly murmuring "Morning" before pressing her under him once again... 

The next time they woke up, it was already noon. Lu Jinnian carried the exhausted Qiao Anhao into the bathroom for a shower. When he was done, he blow dried her hair before placing her back onto the bed. Quietly heading downstairs, he ordered takeout for when she woke up. 

Soon after, the food arrived. Lu Jinnian arranged it on the table before heading upstairs to wake Qiao Anhao up. 

After they had their meal, Lu Jinnian suggested going to the suburbs to enjoy the hot spring since the weather was good.

There was a famous temple situated on top a tiny hill near the hot spring. Since Qiao Anhao wanted to pray, Lu Jinnian willingly obliged, but after their intense lovemaking the previous night and the consecutive morning, Qiao Anhao was too weak for the climb. She started to pant before they had even pa.s.sed the foot of the hill, and turning to Lu Jinnian, she started to complain.

Lu Jinnian's hugged her waist, coaxingly suggesting to visit the next day, saying they could enjoy the hot spring instead. Bending down, he picked her up and carried her all the way back to the car, only then did her darkened face start to clear. 

At night, Lu Jinnian kept to his words and didn't touch her, silently hugging her till daybreak. And on the very next day, he really brought her up to the temple. But even after a good night's rest, she was exhausted after ascending and descending the hill. Kneeling down on the ground, she wasn't willing to take another step, and in the end, Lu Jinnian succ.u.mbed to his fate, carrying her back to the car. 

Qiao Anhao slept the entire ride back. When they finally reached home, she quickly ate, showered, and climbed early into the bed. 

While she slept, Lu Jinnian worked on his doc.u.ments. When he finished, it was already 11 pm. He silently entered the bedroom, carefully climbing onto the bed. Pulling her into his embrace, he kissed her forehead lightly.

Just then, Qiao Anhao stirred. In a half-awake state, she rubbed her head against his shoulder, humming lightly "Mmh Mmh". This night, yet again, Lu Jinnian wasn't able to control his inner desires, pressing her under him for one round before releasing her back to her sleep. 

Just like that, their beautiful weekend ended, bringing about a busy week. 

The next day, the moment Lu Jinnian sat down at his desk, he saw a post, reminding him that Valentines day was on Wednesday. 

There were only two days left... 

His heart raced. He was anxious but at the same time excited for what was about to come. 

On Monday afternoon, Qiao Anhao carried a big bag of grocery home. While she was preparing her meal, she received a text from Lu Jinnian. [Lets have dinner on Wednesday at 8 pm]