Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 537

Chapter 537: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(8)

Today was Monday, so there were still two more days to Wednesday. Besides, why couldn't he tell at home if it was just dinner? Why send it through a text? And why two days in advance... 

Qiao Anhao replied with an [Oh.] as she continued to ponder. 

Lu Jinnian exhaled, shutting his eyes as he repeated the confession that he had prepared earlier. One word at a time, he pictured himself saying it. When he was sure that everything was perfect, he straightened, continuing with his work.

But the moment he started to read the doc.u.ments, his mind started to wander. In the end, he put away the doc.u.ments and pressed onto a line on the telephone. "Prepare the car, I'm going to Li Jing Xuan." 

Due to Lu Jinnian's unending requests, the preparation for the venue for his confession was already underway even though it was two days away. 

Lu Jinnian's venue was set in the only open-air private room on the top floor of Li Jing Xuan. The moment Qiao Anhao lifted her head, she would see a sky full of stars. When she turned to the side, she would be able to see the night view of the forbidden palace. The view was perfect from all angles, regardless of where she decided to look. 

When Lu Jinnian reached the place, there were a few workers on the balcony hanging the colorful lights. Once one of the sides was fully decorated, the manager switched on the lights to test the effects. The colorful lights sparkled, but since it was still daytime, so it wasn't especially beautiful.

The last lights that were turned on were the red at the back with the words: "With you this year, everything is good." Lu Jinnian's heart squeezed, he felt emotional when he saw the words light up. 

On the side of the balcony, there was a wooden table with a large, European style vase nestled on top. The vase was empty, without any flowers, but there was white lace covering it. 

As the manager explained the details, he pointed to the stone table at the side of the room. "Mr Lu, we would place a bunch of fresh Chinese Bellflowers over there, and there would be candles surrounding them. Just as you requested, we specifically invited a western chef from overseas to prepare your meal that day, the red wine you requested for has also been prepared...

"In order to heat up the atmosphere, we would also decorate the edge of the balcony with colorful flowers. When the night wind blows, their aroma would fill up the place..." 

While the manager explained the preparations, Lu Jinnian checked every nook and cranny, ensuring that everything was perfect. Nodding, he instructed uneasily, "All the flowers must be the freshest and sent by air... The theme is pink and white, Qiao Qiao doesn't like bright red flowers...

"For the lilies, choose the milky yellow colored ones, in the past, she had stared at those flowers in the magazine for a long while... There must be a lot of Chinese Bellflowers, it's her favorite flower... Order every color... Oh, the steak has to be fully cooked, Qiao Qiao doesn't like blood in her steak.. For fruits, she likes..." 

Lu Jinnian had wanted to just inform the manager of her favorite things, but in the end, he repeated every single detail from his order.

On the way out of Li Jing Xuan, he saw a shop selling male clothes. Just then, he seemed to have thought of something new. Facing his a.s.sistant, who was driving, he said, "Oh, remember to choose a new set of clothes for me tomorrow, everything from inside to outside must be new. Everything."