Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 538

Chapter 538: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(9)

Only on Wednesday morning did Qiao Anhao realize it was Valentines day. 

In the past, when Lu Jinnian woke up for work, he wouldn't wake her. Today however, this Wednesday morning, before he got off the bed, he kissed her till she woke up and whispered into her ear, "Qiao Qiao, don't forget, we have a date tonight." 

Sleep deprived, Qiao Anhao yawned. With half open eyes, she nodded. "I know" 

"Remember, at 6.30 pm, I'll get someone to drive you," Lu Jinnian added, nagging and emphasizing the importance once more. 

This time, Qiao Anhao didn't make a sound. She nodded while turning on her other shoulder, trying to get back to sleep. Just then, he continued, "Qiao Qiao, I'm going to work now, don't forget about dinner."

After getting 'tortured' by Lu Jinnian for almost the entire night, Qiao Anhao was sleepy and exhausted, and now that he was nagging continuously, she started to feel her morning grogginess. Grabbing a pillow, she smashed Lu Jinnian's body violently, shoving his nag back into his stomach. 

After he had showered, dressed, and prepared for the day, he walked back to the room. Turning to look at the bed, he reminded Qiao Anhao once more, "Qiao Qiao, I'm going now. Remember..." 

Another pillow came flying over, and Lu Jinnian raised his hands to catch it before tossing it onto the sofa at the side. Leaving the room, he carefully shut the door behind him. 

Silence finally returned to the bedroom. Qiao Anhao laid on the bed but couldn't fall asleep anymore. Flipping over, she sat up and reached for her phone out of habit, to look at the time. Just then, Lu Jinnian's text came in. [Qiao Qiao, tonight, dinner.]

Qiao Anhao wanted to break down. She smashed her phone on the bed before covering her head with the blanket in frustration. 

What day was it today? Why did he emphasize the dinner so much and so often? 

She reached for her phone to look at the calender, but there wasn't anything special. She then looked at the Chinese calender and instantly realized that it was the seventh of July! Chinese Valentines day! 

Valentines day.... 

The words repeated in Qiao Anhao's mind several times before she suddenly processed the meaning of the day. 

Lu Jinnian had asked her out for dinner on Valentines day... Was he inviting her to celebrate Valentines day with him? But its a day for lovers... Did that mean that she was about to be promoted to his girlfriend? 

Having lost all her sleepiness, she headed to the mall nearby to first get a facial done and then her hair set. After making sure that her hair was perfect, she got her makeup done professionally. Only then was she satisfied with how she looked. 

When she came out of the beauty salon, she realized that the mall was filled with Valentines day advertis.e.m.e.nts.