Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 540

Chapter 540: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(11)
Chapter 540: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years11
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Qiao Anhao stared at the screen for a long while, repeatedly going over the words "Lu Jinnian" before finally digesting the article.

Why would he buy Xu Enterprise?

When did he start to plot the takeover?

Why didn't she realize anything in so long?

Qiao Anhao was in a mess. She stood motionless for a long while until the person behind kindly reminded her, "Excuse me, it's you turn to pay." Only then did she slowly get back to her senses, but even then, she couldn't seem to react.

The cashier seemed irritated by Qiao Anhao. Impatiently, she knocked on the table. "Miss? Hurry up."

She passed her item over, then suddenly realizing something. She reached for her phone and dialed a number, but it didn't go through. Quickly, she dialed for Lu Jinnian's assistant.

"Miss Qiao."

When she heard the assistant's polite voice, she shut her eyes to calm herself before asking, "Where's Lu Jinnian?"

"Mr. Lu is in his office..." Before he could finish his sentence, Qiao Anhao hung up. Ignoring the cashier in front of her, she left, running towards the staircase.

Qiao Anhao ran all the way out of the mall. When she reached the road, she jumped into a cab that someone else had hailed for. Turning to face the person, she apologized multiple times before telling the driver the address, "Huan Ying Entertainment, thank you."

Xu Jiamu was a good friend she had grown up with. If it wasn't for him, she would have never been able to get together with Lu Jinnian. If it wasn't for him, she would have never easily ended her marriage... Xu Jiamu was always a brotherly figure, protecting her selflessly, but Lu Jinnian was the man she was in love with for thirteen years.

The same blood flowed in their veins, and she wished that they would both be happy. She didn't want anything to get between them, so she wanted to clarify Lu Jinnian's motives.


After the news were exposed, Lu Jinnian's phone never stopped ringing. Every time a call came in, he would briefly glance at the phone, never once accepting. His calm demeanor seemed to show his confidence as he waited for one specific call.

The call came in earlier than expected. When he saw the words "Han Ruchu" on the screen, his lips curled into a smirk. Staring without a blink at the screen, he slowly placed the document he was working on aside and accepted the call. Casually, he strolled to the window, not saying a word. His eyes seemed to turn to ice.

After a long moment of silence, Han Ruchu, who had always been strong in the face of a crisis, finally broke down. "Why did you do it? You..."