Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 542

Chapter 542: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (13)

Lu Jinnian had no intention of hiding, so he admitted, "That's right."

"Just what will make you stop? I did this single-handedly. You can come at me..."

Having gotten the evidence he wanted, Lu Jinnian had no intention of rattling on with her nonsense... He didn't wait for Han Ruchu to speak again, saying in an unsympathetic and arrogant voice, "Mrs. Han, if you called hoping that I'll let you off, let me tell you this... don't even think about it!"

When Lu Jinnian finished speaking, he hung up the call. With a dark expression on his face, he walked over to the office desk and pushed the intercom. His a.s.sistant was quick to knock on the door and come in.

Lu Jinnian directly gave him the phone and said, "Take out the voice recording and upload it onto a recording pen. I need it for tonight."

The Xu family.

When Han Ruchu heard "doot doot doot" sounds from the disconnected call, she cried out a few times, before ruthlessly smas.h.i.+ng the phone to the floor.

Because she was so angry and felt so done in, Han Ruchu's face was particularly unwell looking, and her chest heaved non-stop.

"Madam, don't be so angry..." cried the housekeeper, trying to calm her. Seeing as Han Ruchu had rushed over to the sofa and started to sway, the housekeeper hurriedly went over to support her to a seat. "Madam, are you all right?"

Han Ruchu tightly clenched her fists, fire burning deep in her eyes. The flames burned bright, until after a while, she muttered, "He knows what happened. He knows that I was the one who killed Qiao Qiao's baby."

A flash of panic crossed Han Ruchu's eyes. "If Jiamu finds out, then he'll definitely blame me..."

At this point, Han Ruchu suddenly paused, as though she had thought of something. She pointed at the home phone on the side and said, "Quickly, give Jiamu a call, say that I'm..."

Then, Han Ruchu whispered something in the housekeeper's ear.

As the housekeeper listened, she replied in a quiet voice, "Yes, Madam."

When Han Ruchu finished speaking, she immediately went over to the home phone and dialed Xu Jiamu's number. She waited for the call to go through, then said with a panicked expression on her face, "Oh no, Young master! Just now, Madam fainted out of anger... Not because of Xu enterprises, but from your brother's call. He said something about meddling behind Madam's several billion investment and causing Xu Enterprise stocks to fall.

"It was all because of how Sir and Madam treated his mother all those years ago. So now he wants them to taste what it feels like. That's the gist of what he said, but I'm not particularly clear on the details... Anyways, young master, come home first to see Madam..."

Once the housekeeper was off the phone, Han Ruchu asked, "How was it?"

"The young master sounds very angry. He said that he's on his way home. Madam, shall I go call the family doctor over? First, get some rest upstairs, so that the young master doesn't see through your plan."

Han Ruchu gently nodded and stood up from the sofa. With the housekeeper alongside her, they walked up the stairs.

As they walked up the stairs, the housekeeper said, "Madam, to be able to come up with this, it's all thanks to your quick reaction. Young master is your son, so your hearts are bound as mother and son. When he hears that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d made you faint out of anger, he certainly won't bother with what the b.a.s.t.a.r.d has to say."