Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 549

Chapter 549: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (20)
Chapter 549: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (20)
Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

The Xu family's housekeeper was the first to see Qiao Anhao enter. "Miss Qiao, you're here?"

Qiao Anhao managed a smile and gently nodded. She placed some nutritional products that she had bought on the way over by the housekeeper's well-organized array of them.

Han Ruchu pushed Xu Jiamu's hand away from her forehead, as he was massaging it for her. She sat up and patted the seat by her bedside and said, "Come sit."

"Aunt Xu, Brother Jiamu." Qiao Anhao obediently walked over, greeted them, and sat down.

Han Ruchu looked over at the nutritional products Qiao Anhao had bought for her, and said in a weak but extremely charitable voice, "Qiao Qiao, if you're coming over, just come. Why did you bring gifts?"

Xu Jiamu attentively grabbed a pillow and put it behind Han Ruchu. "Isn't it all because Qiao Qiao cares about you..."

The housekeeper, who was organizing the products, then added, "Madam watched Miss Qiao grow up, and has always loved Miss Qiao. Ever since her parents passed away, Madam has treated her as her own daughter, so of course Miss Qiao has Madam in her heart and cares about her."

After Qiao Anhao heard the housekeeper's words, her heart grew heavy with guilt. She lowered her eyes and forced out a hint of a smile. Then she thoughtfully asked, "Aunt Xu, how's your condition?"

Han Ruchu wore a smile. Perhaps it was because she was ill, her usual swift and strict demeanor was faint. She spoke in a warm voice. "It's nothing serious. At the time, I was a little agitated, and for some reason, I fainted."

The housekeeper bitterly said, "What do you mean 'nothing serious'? Anger kills the heart. Thank goodness Madam is blessed, otherwise you'd have died from the rage..."

"Don't talk nonsense in front of the children!" Han Ruchu suddenly sharply cut the housekeeper's words short. Perhaps it was because she was agitated, she suddenly started to cough.


"Aunt Xu!"

At the same time, Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu reached out with their hands to pat Han Ruchu on the back. She covered her chest with her hand, which soothed her breathing for a moment. With her gentle tone of voice, she said, "I'm fine. When you get older, it's inevitable that you'll get sick. Today was just a coincidence."

The housekeeper said with a pained heart, "Madam, at a time like this, what is there for you to hide? That bastard called to clearly piss you off. He has his eye on the young master's inheritance. That ungrateful dog... Our young master should never have saved that bastard's life!"

Qiao Anhao tightly creased her brows at the housekeeper's use of the word 'bastard', and asked a little astonished, "Save what life?"

"Miss Qiao, you probably didn't know, but the year that little bastard turned three, he fell ill with leukemia. It was our young master who donated his bone marrow to save him. If it weren't for our young master, he'd be dead! At the time, they agreed that he would never inherit the Xu family's wealth and assets. Nor could he show respect to his ancestors, or step foot into the Xu family house. In the end, now that bastard actually stole it all!"

The year Lu Jinnian turned three, he had leukemia? It was Xu Jiamu who donated his bone marrow to save his life?

No wonder, after so many years, Lu Jinnian never came back to the Xu family. When Qiao Anhao was in school, she racked her brains over why Lu Jinnian looked like he was quite poor when the Xu family business was so big. Though she was close with Xu Jiamu, she had never asked him about private family matters, and so she had had no idea.