Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 558

Chapter 558: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(29)

If it was in the past and Qiao Anhao was a far away dream, Lu Jinnian might not be as anxious as he was feeling, but now that she was in reach and there was hope, the sudden despair... was too much. Lu Jinnian had no idea how to accept that reality.

In the end, she still forsook him for Xu Jiamu and the Xu family? 

That's right, he knew that since young, they were far more important to her than him, and now that they were in trouble, she would choose to stand by them without hesitation. She wasn't even willing to hear his explanation... 

Even if she didn't trust him, he still kept convincing himself not to give up.

His entire life, from his humble beginnings to now, he had never requested anything from anyone, but at this moment, the fear of losing her allowed him to throw his pride and arrogance. He started to beg. [Qiao Qiao, I beg you, can you come?]

After sending the text, he seemingly quietened, returning back to his seat and placing both hands on the table as he waited silently. 

As the night fell, the street lamps started to brighten and flicker, but just like a statue, Lu Jinnian sat motionlessly. 

His a.s.sistant never once interrupted him, allowing him to sit silently by himself. 

When it was 2 am, the originally clear skies suddenly started to darken more, and gradually, big fat droplets started falling down.

The a.s.sistant cleared his throat. "Mr. Lu, it's raining, why don't you wait inside." 

Lu Jinnian ignored him, sitting with his back straight, not leaving the seat at all. 

Often, the late Beijing rain was brief and abrupt, but two minutes after the a.s.sistant had spoken, the amount of dark clouds started to increase and the rain got increasingly heavier. 

The a.s.sistant hurriedly ran forward, trying to forcefully pull Lu Jinnian into the shelter. 

Lu Jinnian reached out to yank his a.s.sistant away before replying forcefully, "I said that I would wait here. I'm not leaving, I will wait for her here."

The rain grew so heavy that their vision was blurred, and the both of them became drenched instantly. Regardless of how hard the a.s.sistant tried, Lu Jinnian remained firm, and in the end, the a.s.sistant couldn't hold back anymore. "Mr. Lu, it's already 2 am, Miss Qiao might not come!" 

Lu Jinnian clenched his lips together as sorrow clouded his eyes. Stubbornly, he clenched his teeth and forced out, "I will wait for her here."

Giving up, the a.s.sistant sighed and ran indoors to get an umbrella to shelter Lu Jinnian. 

After an hour of pouring, they were both drenched, even with the umbrella. 

Lu Jinnian remained on the balcony all this while. Gradually, the skies began to brighten. When the sun was finally up in the skies, the quiet city was bustling once again, the forbidden palace was crowded with tourists, Lu Jinnian's drenched clothes were already dry, and he continued to sit in his place without a moving. 

Only at 10.30 am did the silent Lu Jinnian finally stand up.