Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 561

Chapter 561: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (32)

"I have something I want to talk to her about." Lu Jinnian paused for a moment and asked, "Do you know where she is right now?"

Being quick-witted, Qiao Anxia guessed that some kind of misunderstanding must have happened between Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao, based on the impatient look on Lu Jinnian's face. Not only that but, he looked like he hadn't slept all night. He also looked like he was caught up in the rain last night. He couldn't have been looking for or waiting for Qiao Anhao all that time, could he?

And yet, he didn't know that Qiao Anhao had fallen down the stairs, that she had only come out of a critical condition just two hours ago, or that she was under heavy watch after slipping into a coma...

With that, a thought flashed across Qiao Anxia's mind. If she opened her mouth, Lu Jinnian would be able to find Qiao Anhao.

She didn't directly answer his question, asking in a speculative way, "Did Qiao Qiao and you get into an argument because of what happened with Xu Enterprise?"

Lu Jinnian didn't answer, but the tight pursing of his lips suggested that she had guessed right.

Qiao Anxia remained quiet for about half a minute. This time, when she opened her mouth to ask him something, her tone of voice had a certain conviction to it. "You don't want to lose Qiao Qiao, so you came to find me and ask where she is. Am I right?"

Lu Jinnian still didn't make a sound.

The waiter came over with two cups of coffee.

Qiao Anxia said "Thank you" in a low voice, and waited for the waiter to leave before she stirred the coffee a little and took a gulp. Then she went on her own tangent and said, "Lu Jinnian, I can tell you where Qiao Qiao is, but you have to answer me one question."

Lu Jinnian didn't touch the coffee in front of him. He quickly nodded and agreed without hesitation the very moment Qiao Anxia's words were spoken. "Ask."

Qiao Anxia took a deep breath and said in a calm and composed voice, "I know that Xu Jiamu woke up not too long ago and that the person who Qiao Qiao was pretending to be husband and wife with was you. I just want to ask... If I was the person Xu Jiamu was engaged to, and you and I pretended to be husband and wife would our relations.h.i.+p be closer right now?"

Just as Lu Jinnian was going to answer her question, Qiao Anxia beat him to it and said, "Lu Jinnian, you know the answer I want to hear. As long as you agree, I'll tell you where Qiao Qiao is right now."

Lu Jinnian knew exactly what Qiao Anxia meant by her words. Without a hint of hesitation on his face and bloodshot eyes, which hadn't rested all night, he stared directly at Qiao Anxia, and said, "If you were the person Xu Jiamu was going to be married to, I would have never agreed to pretend to be Xu Jiamu."

Qiao Anxia curved the corner of her lips into a gentle smile and lowered her eyelids. She glanced over at the cup, and after a while, she lifted her head and stared at Lu Jinnian. She asked him, "Lu Jinnian, if you just say you would, then I'll immediately tell you where Qiao Qiao..."

Lu Jinnian didn't wait for Qiao Anxia to finish before getting up from his chair and saying in a dull voice, "Sorry". Then he placed two notes on the table and got ready to leave.

Seeing Lu Jinnian's actions, Qiao Anxia jumped up with him. "Lu Jinnian, did you forget why you came to find me?"

When he turned to leave, his expression didn't change.

Qiao Anxia hurriedly stretched her hand out and grabbed his arm. "All you have to do is lie to me, and you'll know where Qiao Qiao is..."