Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 563

Chapter 563: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (34)

Qiao Anhao had laid in bed for quite a long time when she felt her head surge with excruciating pain.

She instinctively wanted to lift her arm and touch it, but soon realized that there was some kind of pull on her wrist. Her pupils turned towards her wrist to find that she actually had a tube in her.

Qiao Anhao felt slightly groggy. How did she end up on an IV drip?

Then, she scanned her surroundings, and realized that she was in a hospital.

Her brows furrowed at the thought of what the h.e.l.l had happened, when suddenly, she heard someone's erratic voice. "She's awake! The patient in room 101 is finally awake!"

A woman wearing a pink nurse uniform came running to her beside. "Miss Qiao, you've finally woken up?"

As she said this, the hospital's room doors were suddenly flung open.

"Qiao Qiao!"

"Qiao Qiao, you're awake?"

Qiao Anhao heard two familiar shrieks of joy draw closer, and Aunt Qiao and Xu Jiamu's faces appeared in front of her. Behind them were a few doctors, who surrounded her and started to perform all sorts of checks on her.

After quite a long time had pa.s.sed, the lead doctor took off his face mask, pointed at Aunt Qiao, and asked Qiao Anhao, "Do you know who she is?"

How could she not recognize auntie... Qiao Anhao glanced at the doctor with an odd look, then cried, "Auntie". That's when she realized that her voice sounded a little weak.

"Who is he?" The doctor then pointed at Xu Jiamu.

"...Brother Jiamu."

The doctor nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Aunt Qiao and Xu Jiamu, who stood behind him and said, "Miss Qiao's memory is just fine, and her heart pressure is normal. Probably because she fell quite severely, her brain was seriously shaken, which is why she fell into a coma for quite some time. But, now that she's awake, there aren't any major problems. She'll be well enough to go home after a few days."

When the doctor left, Aunt Qiao came to Qiao Anhao's beside and grabbed her hand. The rims of her eyes suddenly became red. "Qiao Qiao, you're awake? You almost scared auntie to death."

"I'm fine," rea.s.sured Qiao Anhao in a quiet voice. Then she suddenly remembered that she had had a dinner date with Lu Jinnian, and so she turned her head to glanced out the window. Seeing as the skies had darkened, she impatiently asked, "What time is it?"

Xu Jiamu lifted his wrist to check the time. "It's almost eight o'clock."

So late? Qiao Anhao abruptly sat up, but because she'd gotten up so forcefully, she felt a little dizzy. Her vision darkened for a moment, and she almost fainted again.

Xu Jiamu hurriedly came to support her back onto the bed. "Qiao Qiao, you've only just woken up. You can't be moving around."

"No... I have plans to have dinner with someone."

Aunt Qiao then answered, "You had dinner plans with someone that night? But you've been unconscious for four days and four nights."

Four days and four nights? Qiao Anhao's heart suddenly jumped, and she instinctively felt around her pillow. "Where's my phone?"

"Your phone is probably at my house. Whatever it is, it can wait until you're slightly better. Tomorrow, I'll go get it from my house."

Aunt Qiao went along with Xu Jiamu and also tried to persuade her. "That's right. Qiao Qiao, you've only just woken up, don't think of anything else. Hurry and get some rest."

Qiao Anhao wanted to borrow Xu Jiamu's phone for a second, but remembering what had happened between him and Lu Jinnian over the Xu Enterprise incident, she eventually didn't say a word.