Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Memories of the Youth (5)
Chapter 57: Memories of the Youth (5)

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With her eyes shut, tears started streaming down her face as she dreamed of the past.

Regardless of how much effort she had invested, she would never be able to get close to him.

Many times, sorrow not known to others could only be released in dreams as though it was engraved in the heart and no matter how hard you ignored it, it would explode at the slightest touch, erupting into million pieces, inflicting an unbearable and endless pain.

Qiao Anxia had always been an average student with mediocre grades and had entered a local university in Shanghai.

Even though Qiao Anxia and Qiao Anhao weren't biological sisters, they still came from the same ancestral home, and ever since Qiao Anhao's parents died in a car accident, she had been living in the same house as Qiao Anxia, forming a tie akin to that of sisters.

Qiao Anxia left her hometown for Shanghai and would often call Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu, inviting them to come over. After multiple invites, Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu finally caved, flying over during winter.

Shanghai was similar to Beijing, both flourishing cities without much for play. Hence, Qiao Anxia suggested they head over to Hangzhou.

Xu Jiamu had no objections and, since Lu Jinnian was there, Qiao Anhao obviously didn't have any objections either. The three of them then headed for Hangzhou.

Xu Jiamu and Lu Jinnian were biological brothers with different mothers but they had always been close. With just a phone call, Xu Jiamu managed to successfully invite Lu Jinnian out.

They stayed for four days and Lu Jinnian accompanied them through all of them, from West Lake Broken bridge to Leifong tower , from Lingyin temple to Xixi wetland. After spending four days and twelve meals together, Qiao Anhao managed to get closer to Lu Jinnian than in the four years they had spent as schoolmates.

On the last day in Hangzhou, they visited Hangzhou shopping mall. As girls, she and Anxia wanted to buy all the pretty things there and, since they had always been close to Xu Jiamu, who was rich, they spent his money mercilessly.

Spending a few thousand on a simple item was a usual occurrence for the three of them, but Lu Jinnian grew increasingly silent, the light in his eyes dimming as he saw them spending money so freely. In the end, he threw an excuse before going to the washroom. Sitting in one of the tiny cubicle, he took long deep puffs from his cigarette, quickly finishing the whole box he had in his pocket. Just then, they called to ask where he was.

In Hangzhou, Qiao Anhao added Lu Jinnian on QQ and would often find an excuse to talk to him when she returned to Jingcheng.Even though they were only making small talk, the conversation never seemed to end.

As long as their hearts were close, distance was not an issue.