Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 571

Chapter 571: The Things She Didn't Know (2)

From Huan Ying Entertainment, Qiao Anhao left for Mount Yi, which was located in the suburbs. When she arrived, it was already twelve in the afternoon.

Even though it was the middle of the day, the villa in Mount Yi looked like an utopia from another world. The tranquility made you feel at peace.

Since n.o.body answered the door when Qiao Anhao knocked on it, she entered the pa.s.scode that Lu Jinnian had once given her and entered the villa.

All four walls were made of floor-to-ceiling windows, which allowed for the natural sunlight to illuminate the villa with dots of light due to going through the surrounding forest.

Qiao Anhao went up the spiral staircase, straight for the bedroom door.

As before, when no one could find Lu Jinnian, she would always be able to find him here.

This time...

Qiao Anhao stood at the door with an indescribable sense of nervousness in her heart. She took a deep breath, then pushed open the door with trembling hands.

The bedroom was bright and clean. The bed was well made, without any signs of anyone having lain in it.

Surprisingly, Lu Jinnian wasn't at Mount Yi villa either.

Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows as she rushed into the bedroom, scanning every detail in the changing room and bathroom. Eventually, she walked out in disappointment.

Mount Yi villa was huge, but there weren't many rooms, which meant that each room was quite big. Qiao Anhao was afraid that Lu Jinnian might be in one of those rooms, so she scanned through every one of them on the second floor.

Apart from the bedroom, other rooms only had decorated walls. There weren't even any cabinets or beds. However, the room on the far west side had a piano with a piano book on it, and a side table, which had a bunch of papers sprawled on top of it. Qiao Anhao randomly picked one up to find that it was a pencil drawing. Though there weren't any colors, Qiao Anhao could clearly tell that it was a drawing of her.

A flash of astonishment crossed her eyes as she flipped through all of the sheets of paper. They looked quite old and as though someone had looked through them quite a few times, as they were rough around the edges.

From the clothes in the picture, you could tell they were of her in her middle school uniform. The drawings themselves were of her doing various stuff.

There were drawings of her back, of her side profile, of her immersed in a book, of her sprawled out on the table, asleep, of her dazing outside the cla.s.sroom window, and there was also one of her smiling in front of her bike...

On the bottom right corner of all the sketches, there was a small line of words that was difficult to spot if one didn't take a closer look at it. That line contained the date, the words, 'Lu Jinnian', and the t.i.tle: "The Woman I Love".

When did Lu Jinnian learn to draw? These drawings were all drawn whilst he was in middle school...

Qiao Anhao suddenly remembered that when she used to often pa.s.s by his cla.s.sroom, she would see him with a pencil in hand, drawing something at an alarming speed. At the time, she thought that he was just like her, randomly doodling whilst bored in cla.s.s. Now that she thought about it, was he drawing her back then?

In those fleeting years of their youth, his efforts had far exceeded her expectations.

Just how much exactly did he do without her knowing about it?

The rims of Qiao Anhao's eyes started to burn as she stared at those drawings. After a long time had pa.s.sed, she neatly placed each piece of paper back onto the table, and quietly left the room.

She stepped out of Mount Yi villa and stopped at the doorway. She lifted her head towards the suns.h.i.+ne and took a deep breath.

Lu Jinnian, just where the h.e.l.l are you?