Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 578

Chapter 578: The Things She Didn't Know (9)

Qiao Anhao's entire body trembled at the a.s.sistant's gentle question. She took two steps back and leaned back up against the marble table.

At that moment, she realized that there was only agony left in her heart.

It was a bone-piercing, heart-wrenching type of pain.

She never knew just how well that man treated her, yet this was not the first time she had felt this moved. This morning, when she broke the porcelain doll at her apartment to find the letter he wrote for her, she felt just as worked up.

She thought that he loved her, he really loved her...

But she only just realized... that she had understood only one thousandth fraction of the love he held for her.

The man she loved, had loved her so so very much...

Qiao Anhao's tears fell uncontrollably.

The a.s.sistant paused for quite some time before he choosing to continue. "Yet, he's just that foolish... At the time, I clearly tried to persuade him to consider emergency public relation counter measures, but do you know what he said to me? He said he couldn't wait one second.

"Back then, he'd waited for you for so long, his voice was unusually exhausted, and he added that I shouldn't worry. In any case, he had been ignored and spurned ever since he was young. He was long used to it, but you weren't the same. You were the only beautiful thing in his life, and he couldn't allow for anyone to tarnish that."

Ultimately, Qiao Anhao couldn't help but start to sob with laughter.

"He always used his own methods to protect you and never hesitated to hurt himself." The a.s.sistant felt a tinge of heat beneath his eyes, and quietly took a breath, then continued to say, "He's really foolish, right? But you have no idea, there were times where he was being even more foolish than this."

The a.s.sistant closed his eyes, and said flatly, "Did you really think that Mr. Lu bought Xu Enterprise to get revenge against the Xu family's injustices?"

The a.s.sistant stood in his spot for a long time without moving, before he finally blinked and opened his mouth to say, "The only reason why he did it was because of you."

Qiao Anhao stopped crying for a moment and looked up in disbelief. With a face full of tears, she glanced at the a.s.sistant and asked, "Me?"

"Yes, that's right. Because of you." The a.s.sistant enunciated every word and spoke with conviction, as though he was conflicted about something deep down inside. After a long while, he gritted his teeth and put the truth out there. "Miss Qiao, the recording pen is in Mr. Lu's possession, so I have no evidence. But it doesn't matter if you don't believe me, I still have to tell you, because I can't see Mr. Lu make himself suffer like that. You don't even know how much I regret listening to Mr. Lu, helping him keep his secret."

The a.s.sistant seemed to really be annoyed, judging from how he started to rattle on in a single breath. "Miss Qiao, Mr. Lu told me that you know you had an abortion and that he personally signed for the operation, am I right?"

Qiao Anhao gave a light nod.

"Miss Qiao, did you know? Someone sabotaged your pregnancy and caused you to miscarry your child."

Qiao Anhao's eyes suddenly shot wide open and her expression instantly changed. "Lu Jinnian told me that my baby was lost due to overworking myself during filming, so the baby died in my stomach..."

The a.s.sistant didn't wait for Qiao Anhao to finish speaking. He opened his mouth to hit the nail on the head, asking her, "If he had told you that your child was killed by Han Ruchu, would you have believed him?"