Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 579

Chapter 579: The Things She Didn't Know (10)

...your child was killed by Han Ruchu, would you have believed him?

Qiao Anhao was left dumbfounded by the information. She stared at the a.s.sistant with eyes full of shock and hysteria.

The a.s.sistant didn't say a word. In that instant, the terrace became very silent, the night breeze alone making a sound, brus.h.i.+ng faintly by the two people.

After about three minutes went by, the a.s.sistant finally revealed the truth, explaining everything without any pauses in his speech. "That night, when Mr. Lu called me, you were unconscious and had lost quite a lot of blood. Eventually, the doctor confirmed that you suffered a miscarriage.

"The situation was urgent at the time, and they needed Mr. Lu's signature to proceed with the operation. After he signed, the doctor told Mr. Lu that the sleeping pills you had taken contained large amounts of sedatives, which caused the fetus to die.

"As for how did Mr. Lu connect the sleeping pills to the swallow's nest that Han Ruchu gave you, I'm not so sure... but when you were discharged and resting at home, he called me to Mian Xiu Garden. There, he gave me a bottle of swallow's nest and told me to go get it tested. The tests came out positive for large amounts of sedatives."

With the a.s.sistant's words, Qiao Anhao's mind instantly thought back to the day she had vomited like crazy on her visit in the Xu family estate. She even told Han Ruchu that she must've caught a stomach bug. On her way back to the set, Han Ruchu gave her two boxes of swallow's nest. Auntie was standing next to her at the time, and had added that her mother-in-law was really treating her well.

Sometimes, the person in the situation is blindsided. Han Ruchu watched her grow up and had always taken good care of her, as though she were really her half daughter, which was why she completely trusted her. Even if the situation was a little fishy, she never overly suspect anything because she really trusted Han Ruchu.

But now, she realized that the vomiting had stopped only after she ate the swallow's nest. Back then, she hadn't taken any medicine, and she thought that her body had recovered on it's own. At the time, she was especially tired, but not just her, Zhao Meng too! Zhao Meng was always a night owl, but during that time, she'd sleep particularly early. It was so bad that she even dozed during the day on set.

The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the faster her heart raced.

It was no wonder that she had used to rack her brain over how she had felt nothing while having an abortion. She even asked herself how on earth was Lu Jinnian able to have her undertake an operation without her waking up the whole time.

Now that she thought about it, if there were sleeping pills in the swallow's nest, then she'd fall into deep asleep right after taking them... If too much of them was consumed, then the person in deep sleep would fall into an unconscious state...

Qiao Anhao's brows s.h.i.+fted, then she suddenly started muttering to herself. "That's right... right... then… everything would make sense... so that's what happened... that's it!"

So her baby didn't die from natural causes! Someone murdered her baby!

And that person was the woman who had always treated her like family... the woman who showed her love and care - Aunt Xu!

Qiao Anhao suddenly pressed her hand against her chest. When she went to visit Han Ruchu to ask why Lu Jinnian would ever acquire Xu Enterprise, she did consider that he might have had his own reasons. Yet she had never imagined that a tremendous secret about herself would be the reason behind it all!

So in truth, the only reason why Lu Jinnian took over the Xu Enterprise and sabotaged Han Ruchu's several billion investment, was actually for her and their baby?