Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 584

Chapter 584: The Things She Didn't Know (15)

Since the location was remote, the police arrived only an hour after they were called.

The person who had sneaked into the room had already woken up, and when the police took him away, they casually picked the wooden stick used to hit the crook over the head. Of course, they also took Qiao Anhao with them for her testimony, accompanied by Chen Yang and Zhao Meng.

As everyone had a.s.sumed, the person was indeed from a nearby village. Because of his gambling debts, he owed quite a bit of money. With the New Year's drawing closer, he was being chased by loan sharks. Unable to go back home, he often wandered the scenic area. He inadvertently stumbled onto the crew whilst they were filming, and a thieving urge came over him.

As to the ident.i.ty of the figure who had knocked out the thief, Qiao Anhao wasn't sure. All she could do was describe what she saw.

However, even if they didn't know who had hit the thief, the man was in the wrong first, and so in the eyes of the law, it was self-defense. Furthermore, if it weren't for that person's sudden appearance, someone might've lost their life. And so, after her testimony was taken, the police escorted them back to the set and searched the surrounding filming area for the hero Qiao Anhao had described.

Perhaps that person had already left, since the police searched for a while but couldn't find anyone. In the end, they gave up and left.

The huge commotion that had started in the middle of the night was over at four in the morning. Chen Yang and Zhao Meng were unbelievably sleepy, and so everyone went back to their rooms to get some sleep.

There was a large stretch of blood over Qiao Anhao's bed, which made her slightly want to gag, and so she squeezed onto Zhao Meng's bed with her. From the sound of her breathing, she could tell Zhao Meng was already fast asleep, but she wasn't the slightest bit sleepy. With furrowed brows, her eyes stared straight at the door of the room.

Just who had appeared in the nick of time and knocked the crook out cold?

At the time, she had just escaped death, and she hadn't quite recovered from the shock, and so her concentration wasn't very good. She only saw a tall, slender figure. Then, in the blink of an eye, it had disappeared out the door.

She didn't know if it was because she missed Lu Jinnian, the image of the fleeting figure seemed similar to the memory of the shape of his body.

Qiao Anhao continued to let her imagination run wild until six o'clock, before she closed her eyes. After she had only slept for two hours, Zhao Meng woke her up.

From then, she was busy with getting her make up done, rehearsals, and filming.

As this was the final scene of "Heavenly Sword", everyone was extremely on edge. Throughout the filming, Qiao Anhao's performance was good, but perhaps it was because of the incident last night, all she could think about was the dark figure which had bolted off. It seemed like she was a little distracted, for she made an outtake.

Thankfully, everyone knew about what happened last night, so they didn't give her the cold-shoulder for wasting their time. In fact, they went up front and gave her a few words of encouragement.

After filming finished, everyone went back to their rooms to pack their things and get ready to head back to Beijing.

Qiao Anhao wanted to chuck the blood-stained duvet out. When Zhao Meng rolled it up, something fell out and onto the floor with a "Pa!".

Zhao Meng instinctively turned her head and glanced over to see a pack of cigarettes. She lifted her foot and mentioned it to Qiao Anhao, who was at the side, folding the clothes. "The crook must have left this last night, right?"

At Zhao Meng's words, Qiao Anhao glanced over. Suddenly, her eyes stopped there for awhile. She put the clothes in her hands down, walked over, and bent down to pick up the pack of cigarettes.