Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 585

Chapter 585: The Things She Didn't Know (16)

Nanjin95 Supreme.

Qiao Anhao didn't smoke, nor did she like others smoking, and so she had never paid attention to cigarette brands.

When she and Lu Jinnian were together, he rarely smoked in front of her, but when she tried to find him a few times, she did catch him in the act. Actually, back then, Lu Jinnian was always quick to put out his cigarettes. He would open a window to air it out, or take her somewhere else to talk, but she managed to take note of the brand on his pack of cigarettes: Nanjin95 Supreme.

It was too much of a coincidence...

In the early hours, Qiao Anhao tossed and turned in bed. Whilst she was unable to fall asleep, the hunch she had had came rus.h.i.+ng back to her mind. With this and her intuition, she suddenly was very certain that last night... at the most crucial moment, the person who had appeared and knocked out the crook was Lu Jinnian!

She stared at the pack of cigarettes, and her chest instantly began to heave. She subconsciously let the name slip out in a mumbled cry, "Lu Jinnian…"

Zhao Meng, who had shoved the duvet into the bin, couldn't help but furrow her brows when she heard Qiao Anhao call his name.

For the past few months on set, she had often suddenly called his name in a daze like that.

A bitterness crept into Zhao Meng's heart as she turned her head, wanting to comfort her friend. But then, Qiao Anhao turned her head to also look directly at her with a beaming look of surprise on her face. As she held up the pack of cigarettes Zhao Meng had accidentally dropped on the floor, she said, "Zhao Meng, Lu Jinnian, Lu Jinnian!"

When Zhao Meng heard this, she felt heartbroken. Qiao Qiao must be possessed... How could Mr. Lu transform into a pack of cigarettes?

"Zhao Meng, it was him last night! It was Lu Jinnian last night!" As Qiao Anhao spoke, tears started to fall, but at the same time, she wore a dazzlingly bright smile on her face. She looked as though she had encountered something amazing.

With tear pearls falling down her face, she rushed over and enthusiastically hugged Zhao Meng. She cried and laughed as she said incoherently, "Zhao Meng, Lu Jinnian was by my side. The person who came to save me last night was Lu Jinnian! He was by my side!"

When Qiao Anhao had finished speaking, she removed her hands that hugged Zhao Meng's neck, and grabbed her arm with a child-like excitement. She endlessly rocked it around and said, "Zhao Meng, I'm telling you! Lu Jinnian always smoked this brand of cigarettes! It must be him, there's no way I'm wrong!"

With that, Qiao Anhao tightly hugged Zhao Meng a gain. Her tears fell down like a strings of pearls cut off, pearl by pearl. "Sure enough, he still cares about me! I knew it! He loves me so much, how could he bear to leave me on my own?

"Zhao Meng, I'm so happy! I've waited for him for so long. I finally met him...

"But he doesn't want to see me. He was clearly hiding from me last night! Or else why would he run out in a panic after saving me!

"Zhao Meng, help me think! How can I trick him into coming out!"

As though Qiao Anhao had suddenly thought of a serious matter, she pulled her arms away from Zhao Meng and stared at the pack of cigarettes. She tilted her head, an insuppressible smile in the corner of her lips. Then, she eagerly chattered on, "What do you think about me pretending to be sick? But if it's not serious, what do I do if he doesn't come out? That's no good..."

Qiao Anhao shook her head, then suddenly an idea flashed in her mind. She turned her head, and with glistening eyes, she stared at Zhao Meng. "How about we plan a car accident?"