Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 589

Chapter 589: The Things She Didn't Know(20)
Chapter 589: The Things She Didn't Know(20)

Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

Once she finished speaking, Qiao Anhao raised her eyes and glared at Han Ruchu.

Han Ruchu's expression was clearly tense, as though she understood the meaning behind those words. The grip on her spoon tightened.

Qiao Anhao ignored Han Ruchu's strange behavior and pretended to look confused. She continued to act cute by saying, "That's odd. Whenever I ate Aunt Xu's swallow's nest, I'd immediately became sleepy. This time, how come I'm still so awake after eating it?"

Qiao Anxia, who was completely oblivious to what was behind the swallow's nest situation, couldn't help but reach her hand out and smack Qiao Anhao on the head. "Qiao Qiao, what the h.e.l.l are you saying? Swallow's nest is just to relieve your body and mind. It's not like they're sleeping pills!"

Qiao Anhao pouted, all upset, then raised her hand and rubbed her own head. "Sis, I've told you so many times now. Stop always. .h.i.tting my head..."

With that, Qiao Anhao turned her head again, then looked over at Xu Jiamu all pitiful and complained, "Brother Jiamu, Anxia hit me again..."

"Come, I'll rub it." Xu Jiamu reached his hand out with a conniving expression on his face, then stroked the area where Qiao Anxia had just smacked Qiao Anhao.

Qiao Anhao turned her head and proudly smiled at her sister. She looked as though she was innocent and said, "I really didn't lie just now. The swallow's nest Aunt Xu gave me worked better than sleeping pills!"

As Qiao Anhao said this, the crisp sound of chinaware cras.h.i.+ng to the ground was heard in the house.

Qiao Anhao, Xu Jiamu, and Qiao Anxia, who were all messing about just now, turned their attention towards the source of the noise.

The bowl in Han Ruchu's hands had fallen to the ground by accident, spilling the swallow's nest onto her skirt.

"Madame, how could you be so clumsy?" said the housekeeper who hastily started to pull out tissues to help Han Ruchu wipe it off.

Han Ruchu's complexion didn't look too well. It was as thought she was a tad annoyed. She pushed the housekeeper's arm away, stood up, and said in a composed voice, "I'll go upstairs to get changed first. Wait here for a moment."

When Han Ruchu changed her clothes and made her way back downstairs, Xu Wanli and father Qiao had already left for the study room to play chess. The others in the meantime were sitting in a circle on the sofa of the living room.

There was a steaming pot of tea on the marble coffee table that let out spirals of hot steam.

Qiao Anxia was on the phone with Chen Yang. Every now and then, she'd let out a laugh and occasionally complain to him in a tender way, "You're so annoying!"

Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu were watching an old movie on the television. Han Ruchu only sneaked a glance, but she saw that it was a woman in red. Her face was dainty and her personality stood out among the crowd. Han Ruchu rarely paid attention to things in the entertainment industry, but she knew that in these past few years, the popular queen of movies was an actress called Song Xiangsi.

Han Ruchu sat down next to mother Qiao, who didn't look at all interested in the movie, so they both started to gossip about what they had heard over Mahjong recently.

When Han Ruchu came downstairs, Qiao Anhao noticed her but pretended to be immersed in watching the television. She waited for Han Ruchu and mother Qiao's gossip to be over before she suddenly said, "Lu Jinnian's acting skills are truly impeccable."

Everyone present knew that Lu Jinnian was Xu family's illegitimate son, who later acquired the Xu Enterprise. Qiao Anhao's one sentence turned the atmosphere in the entire room instantly awkward.