Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Long Time No See, My Love (2)

Qiao Anhao walked over to the sofa and sat back in her original spot. After hearing them chat away, she pretended as though she had remembered something and turned her head towards Qiao Anxia and said, "Sis, a few days ago whilst filming, one of the female staff on the set told me something really sad."

"What was it?" Qiao Anxia, who was sending Chen Yang a text at the time, put her phone down and s.h.i.+fted to face Qiao Anhao with a serious look.

Qiao Anhao purposefully spoke a little louder. "Well, she got married and her husband's mother, her mother-in-law really wanted a son. However, their birth plan was rather strict and their family could only have one child, and they'd be fined for having a second one. On top of all that, their finances weren't that great. In the end, her first pregnancy turned out to be a baby girl. "

Qiao Anhao's story clearly spoke about family and marriage issues, so mother Qiao and Han Ruchu took an interest in it, as parents to children of age.

So, just as Qiao Anhao paused for a moment, mother Qiao anxiously asked, "Qiao Qiao, what happened then?"

"Her husband really loved her, and although he also wanted a son, he didn't have the heart to abort the baby. Because of that, the two of them decided to have the baby.

"Although the woman's mother-in-law wasn't happy about it, she still agreed, but she told them that they must try for a second child, and the second child would have to be a son.

"The two of them felt under immense pressure in Beijing, so they refused the mother-in-law's suggestion. She cried, argued, and threw a tantrum for quite some time, but eventually, she came to terms with it because of her son's strong will.

"Because of this whole issue, the mother-in-law didn't contact them for over half a month. Later, for some reason, the mother-in-law went over to Beijing, claiming to come to take care of the woman.

"As it was her husband's mother, and she was trying to be nice to her, she couldn't exactly stand up to her. So she treated her like her own mother."

"Her and her husband both had to work, and so when they were both very tired, they'd come home to the mother-in-law's cooking, the done by her. For a while, life was great for them.

"After over half a month since the mother-in-law came over, the woman went to the hospital for a check up. The doctor told her that since her last visit, when they detected the baby's heartbeat, the baby had pa.s.sed away in the womb!"

Qiao Anhao deliberately emphasized the last few words - "the baby had pa.s.sed away in the womb!". So much so that she gritted her teeth, which caused Han Ruchu and housekeeper's faces to freeze, as they listened carefully at the story.

Mother Qiao shrieked, "Yah!". With a sympathetic look, she asked, "How did she have a miscarriage out of nowhere?"

"Right? How did she have a miscarriage out of nowhere? That's what she asked herself. She thought that it was because she'd overworked herself, and she was so heartbroken over that. However, after her operation was over, the doctor told her that they'd did tests on her blood and found traces of sleeping pills."

"Sleeping pills?!" cried Mother Qiao in shock. "She can't take sleeping pills when she's pregnant. What kind of mother was she?!"

"Because she was pregnant, she couldn't take sleeping pills, but her mother-in-law put them in her food every day!" said Qiao Anhao slowly, in a gentle tone.