Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Long Time No See, My Love (3)

"Ah? Her mother-in-law gave her sleeping pills?" mother Qiao shook her head in disbelief. "This mother-in-law is just too vile! To actually be so cruel to kill a perfectly fine life! To kill so relentlessly. Sooner or later she'll receive her karma!"

Qiao Anxia, who was never interested in such topics, after she heard Qiao Anhao's story, she felt an indescribable sense of anger. "That mother-in-law is practically a freak! That sc.u.mbag!"

Qiao Anhao didn't say anything else, but stared directly at Han Ruchu. When their eyes met, her lips curved into a smile.

Although mother Qiao and Qiao Anxia were cursing the mother-in-law in the story, in that very moment, Han Ruchu felt like they were cursing her. Perhaps it was because of Qiao Anhao's smile...

As someone who was always so arrogant, she had never felt this sullen before. She tried her best to stay still on the sofa, but her enraged chest started to clearly heave in anger.

Though Qiao Anhao clearly knew why Han Ruchu was angry, she had no intention of stopping there. She continued to speak in a gentle voice to fan the flames instead. "Aunt Xu, why are you so mad? Don't you think the mother-in-law is a piece of s.h.i.+t too?"

How could Han Ruchu not hear that Qiao Anhao's words "piece of s.h.i.+t" were really meant for her? Suddenly, Han Ruchu tightened her grip on the cus.h.i.+on in her hand while staring at Qiao Anhao. The fury in her chest practically made her want to spit out fire, but because mother Qiao was next to her, she forced herself to hold it down. With a ridiculously frigid smile, she said in tense voice, "Yeah."

"I think so too!" Qiao Anhao smiled sweetly at Han Ruchu for a moment, as though to seriously comfort her. However, in actual fact, her words angered Han Ruchu half to death. "But Aunt Xu, you don't have to get so mad. Those wretched people who bring it upon themselves, don't survive. Sooner or later, everyone will turn on them and their family would leave them, and they will die a horrible death!"

Qiao Anhao's curse was so harsh, yet she spoke so naturally and smoothly, she managed to gain Qiao Anxia and mother Qiao's support.

Han Ruchu slightly shut her eyes, and worked hard to keep her smile. In order to remain calm, she spoke particularly slowly next. "I don't feel so well. You all sit for a while, I'll go upstairs for a moment."

As she spoke, Han Ruchu stood up.

Mother Qiao, who was completely clueless about the underlying conflicts between Han Ruchu and Qiao Anhao, asked worriedly, "Ruchu, are you alright?"

"It's nothing. Ever since I fainted from anger, my body hasn't been quite the same. I'll get some rest and be fine." Han Ruchu forced out a smile for mother Qiao.

"Madame, I'll come with you," said the housekeeper, as she supported Han Ruchu towards the stairs.

Since Han Ruchu headed upstairs to rest, there was no reason for mother Qiao to be there, and so she got ready to go home. Qiao Anxia remembered that she was busy in the evening and so she was ready to leave with her mother.

But before they left, mother Qiao and Qiao Anxia asked Qiao Anhao if she wanted to go back with them to the family estate. Qiao Anhao glanced over at Xu Jiamu, who sat in a daze in front of the television, then shook her head. She gave a warm smile and said, "I'll stay for a while."

The instant the four of them left, the huge living room became cold and lifeless.

Qiao Anhao sat beside Xu Jiamu for a while, then glanced up the stairs. She got up, walked over to the water dispenser, and got herself a cup of water.