Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 594

Chapter 594: Long Time No See, My Love (5)

"If the Qiao family found out about this, then the family relations between us would probably be ruined. Currently, the Xu family is far from how it was, there are so many things that we still rely on the Qiao family for..."

"She knows, so what?" Han Ruchu didn't wait for the housekeeper to speak by interrupting her and saying, "If she had any evidence, then the Qiao family wouldn't have come to celebrate my birthday! She doesn't have any evidence, which is why she was beating around the bush to target me! But it's just so s.h.i.+tty that she made such a nice birthday party go up in smoke like that. Back then, how did we not make her fall to her death from the stairs..."

Han Ruchu hadn't finished what she had to say when someone abruptly pushed open the door.

The two of them were scared stiff as they turned their heads to see Xu Jiamu at the door with a cup of water in his hands. The expression on his face was drearily tense.

Han Ruchu and the housekeeper looked at one another in terror. Han Ruchu was the first to snap back to reality. She pulled her lip corners slightly upwards into a hint of a smile and said in a soft voice, "Jiamu, why are you here?"

Xu Jiamu didn't say word, but stood there at the door without moving an inch. His eyes stared right into Han Ruchu's eyes.

Under his gaze, she felt herself trembling in fear. She stood there on the spot for a long while before striding in front of her son. She reached out and grabbed his hand, which he avoided.

His eyes never once left her face. Her then said in a low voice to suppress the anger in it. "What you both just said... is it true?"

From her son's words, Han Ruchu figured that he had heard what she and Aunt Yun had just said. Yet she wasn't sure just how much Xu Jiamu had overheard, so she stretched her arm out. "Jiamu, listen to what mama has to say..."

"I just want to know, was what you two just said true?" Xu Jiamu seemed to be afraid that Qiao Anhao downstairs would hear what was said, so he spoke in a low voice. It was clear he was more terrified than outraged. "Back then, did Qiao Qiao fall from the stairs because of the two of you?"

When Han Ruchu heard those words, she silently let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, he had only heard half of it... "Jiamu, at the time, mama had no choice but to do that."

"So you're saying you really did do it?" Xu Jiamu enunciated every word when he asked again. His eyes then turned to the housekeeper at the side who was at a loss for what to do. "And you... the two of you... you're both really something!"

Xu Jiamu suddenly smashed the cup of water in his hands to the ground. Shattered pieces of gla.s.s flew in all directions and water splashed on the ground. Xu Jiamu nodded and chuckled lightly.

That laugh put fear into Han Ruchu, who always loved her son. She instinctively grabbed his arm. "Mama was wrong. Let mama explain, it's not what you think, son..."

"Did you want for Qiao Qiao to fall to her death for the situation to be like what I think?!" replied Xu Jiamu harshly. He then turned around and walked down the stairs, fuming.

"Jiamu, Jiamu!" Han Ruchu cried in a panic as she followed behind him. Because she had ran after him in a hurry, she accidentally sprained her ankle. Crouching on the ground, she cried in pain.