Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Long Time No See, My Love (7)

In this world, there are no people who are absolutely kindhearted. Those who are kind and naive are only so because no one had pushed them to their limits.

Han Ruchu sabotaged Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian's relations.h.i.+p, made them miss out on being together time and time again. Perhaps if it weren't for her, they might already be together.

The pain of losing a child, the break up of two lovers... Qiao Anhao had such deep-rooted hate and desire for revenge, so how could she possibly sit there and do nothing?

Han Ruchu owed her, and now she wanted to get it all back, bit by bit.

No only for her, but for Lu Jinnian, and the child they lost...

At this thought, a sharp light twinkled at the bottom of Qiao Anhao's eyes, hints of a terrifyingly cold look appearing on her soft and tranquil delicate face.

It has to be known that it wasn't all just talk, back there in the Xu family's living room when she cursed out Han Ruchu.

Han Ruchu killed her child, and she wanted her to experience the pain of her son, who she had raised for almost thirty years, walking further and further away from her.

She wanted for everyone to betray her, and her family to leave her. That would be the final ending she prepared for Han Ruchu!

Tonight, was just the start.

When "Heavenly Sword" was released, there were five days left until the lunar New Year's eve. After Han Ruchu's birthday, the busiest day for Qiao Anhao was twenty eighth of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calender. In the afternoon, they announced the release of "Heavenly Sword", and in the evening, she went to its release party.

On the twenty-ninth day, Zhao Meng flew to Hunan with her boyfriend. Qiao Anhao, who hadn't much to do, personally drove them to the airport.

At the time, it was already closing in to the end of the year, and so the roads of Beijing had only a third of the cars usually there, which resulted in barely any traffic. On her way home, Qiao Anhao received a call from her uncle urging her to come back to the Qiao family estate that night.

Though Qiao Anhao agreed, she only went back to the Qiao family in the afternoon of the thirtieth.

The servants there had already gone home for the New Year's, and so when Qiao Anhao arrived, Qiao Anxia and mother Qiao were wrapping dumplings.

Just as Qiao Anhao pushed open the door, she hadn't even taken her shoes off when she heard Qiao Anxia call out, "Qiao Qiao, hurry! Come wrap these dumplings."

Qiao Anhao gave a quick response, then saw father Qiao standing right at the door, sticking rhyming couplets on the wall. As he was on his own, she didn't feel right, so she went over to give him a helping hand. Later, she entered the house, washed her hands, and helped them wrap dumplings.

Father Qiao personally cooked the New Year's dinner. After so many years, the Qiao family still followed the same old rules during New Year's. The large dining table was filled with rich foods. They couldn't be without a chicken, duck, and fish, and the main dish was always the three filling dumplings. As father Qiao would say, the meat filling recipe was originally invented by Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia's grandfather. Though it didn't taste surprisingly spectacular, it had a family-feel to it.

They started to cook the dumplings at seven o'clock, and Qiao Anxia went upstairs to get changed. She dressed herself up very nicely, and ran out the house with just her phone. Then, after about half an hour, just when the dumplings were all cooked, the doorbell rang.

When Qiao Anhao opened the door, there was an extra person behind Qiao Anxia. It was Chen Yang.

Qiao Anxia didn't wait for Qiao Anhao to ask and said, "Chen Yang's parents are abroad and can't make it back, so I invited him to spend New Year's celebrations at ours."

In the four months Lu Jinnian hadn't been around, Qiao Anxia and Chen Yang had went public with their relations.h.i.+p. She had brought him to the Qiao family estate a few times. If one looked back, Chen Yang was the only boyfriend of Qiao Anxia's that had went past the door of the Qiao family house.