Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 599

Chapter 599: Long Time No See, My Love (10)
Chapter 599: Long Time No See, My Love (10)
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When Qiao Anhao heard the doot-doot-doot sound of the call ending, she furrowed her brows and brought the phone down from her ear. She clicked on Weibo to find that it was just as Zhao Meng had said, the top most searched wasn't about Chinese new year, but her and Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian has been lying low for four months now. He didn't have any new projects and he didn't appear in front of the media. His exposure to the public has been extremely low, and besides filming "Heavenly Sword", she had no scandals at all, so how exactly did the two of them make the headlines? What on earth had happened?

Qiao Anhao clicked open the most searched topic "Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao" with a heart full of suspicion, and found that the host had posted the words, "This year's best screen couple goes to the supporting male and female of "Alluring Times"! This is the first time the best screen couple goes to supporting roles rather than the main leads, however this year's actor happens to be Lu Jinnian once again. As for the actress, it's no longer the queen of movies, Song Xiangsi, but Huan Ying Entertainment's new young actress, Qiao Anhao."

After that line, there was another link. She clicked it to reveal the results of the vote.

Her and Lu Jinnian actually beat Chen Yang and Song Xiangsi in second place by thirty million votes.

So this was what Zhao Meng had wanted her to see.

This was her dream when entering the entertainment industry. Because they couldn't be a couple in real life, she wanted to be just like Song Xiangsi, and be a fantasy couple on the internet. When other people mentioned her name, they'd think of his name, and when his name was mentioned, they'd think of hers.

But she never imaged that her dream would actually come true with the movie "Alluring Times". They were even selected as the best screen couple of the year.

Qiao Anhao stared at her phone screen and saw that the voting page had a picture of her and Lu Jinnian kissing in "Alluring Times". Suddenly, large tears rolled down from her eyes. She tightly grasped her phone and lowered herself to the ground, as she couldn't hold it in any longer. Crouched up against the lamp post, she sobbed there intermittently.

She used to chase her dream for him, but now that the dream had come true, he wasn't by her side.

Lu Jinnian, my love. Just where are you?

Do you know... that I really miss you?


Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang went into the house. After waiting for quite some time, Qiao Anhao still wasn't back in. It wasn't until mother Qiao asked for her whereabouts that Qiao Anxia got up and went out on her own to look.

When she reached the front door, she heard the sound of sobbing. Her feet suddenly halted, for she recognized the sound of Qiao Anhao's cries. Her heart firmly tightened up, but she was about to rush over to her sister's side to ask what was wrong, she heard the mumbled cries of a name.

Although Qiao Anhao was incomprehensible through her tears, Qiao Anxia could still make out some of the words - Lu Jinnian.

Those two words were like a hex, as they instantly made Qiao Anxia remember the dejected, handsome and cold man in the cafe under Qiao Enterprise. As soon as he saw her, he desperately asked where Qiao Qiao was. He then proceeded to wait at the Qiao family doors for three whole days and nights...

It was like someone had locked Qiao Anxia's pressure points. She stood on the spot, unable to move an inch.

Was Qiao Qiao crying over Lu Jinnian? Which is to say... she liked Lu Jinnian?