Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Long Time No See, My Love (11)

Qiao Anhao cried for a long time, before she randomly wiped her tears away with her hand. She glanced over at the door to the Qiao family estate, but turned to walk straight out towards the neighborhood.

Qiao Anxia didn't even know what was wrong with her. When Qiao Anhao walked past the doors, she ran to a side and hid in a panic. Because she hid so quickly, she accidentally cut her wrist on the thorns of a dried out rose. She drew her breath in pain, but subconsciously covered her cut until she saw the figure of Qiao Anhao walk away from the doors. Then she stepped out and watched her sister's back with a complicated expression.

"Xia Xia?" When Qiao Anxia heard the sound of Chen Yang's voice and felt arms wrap around her shoulders, only then did she snap back to reality.

"What are you looking at?" Chen Yang asked in a gentle voice and followed her eyes towards the area under a lamp post on an empty street. He furrowed his brows. "Where's Qiao Qiao?"

"She's gone." Qiao Anxia smiled at Chen Yang with a pale face.

"What's wrong? Are you not well?" Chen Yang grabbed onto Qiao Anxia, all worried. He saw her tightly covering her wrist, and with his brows furrowed, he asked, "Are you hurt? How did this happen?"

"It's nothing, I just accidentally cut it." Qiao Anxia suddenly felt a little tired after she spoke, so she wriggled her way into Chen Yang's arms and rested her head on his shoulder.

"How could you be so clumsy?" complained Chen Yang, as he hugged her back, feeling a little pained to see her hurt.

Qiao Anxia didn't say a thing, but as she rested her head on his shoulder, tears started to roll from the corners of her eyes.

Qiao Anhao came out of the neighborhood and randomly chose a route, continuing to slowly walk onward.

The streets were empty on New Year's Eve. There was practically no one around and no cars about.

At this time, the usually bustling shops on both sides of the road were closed, and occasionally, you could hear the sound of crackers from somewhere close or in the distance.

Qiao Anhao walked for a long time before coming to a stop. It was late at night on New Year's Eve, so there were practically no taxis on the road. All she could do was walk over to the bus stop sign and take a seat below it.

After waiting for about ten minutes, she decided to no longer wait for the bus. It was also when she saw an old lady cross the street.

The elderly lady looked to be quite old from her snowy white hair, but she was able to walk well, and steadily.

Just as the old lady was about to reach Qiao Anhao's side, a motorbike suddenly curved in at an alarming speed. The motorbike didn't hit the old lady, but it flew right past her.

The old lady was so frightened that she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

The motorbike didn't look like it had any intention of stopping. Instead, it sped up and disappeared without a sight.

The old lady sat there for quite some time and didn't get up. Qiao Anhao had seen many news reports of kindhearted people who help fallen elderly only to find themselves being hit, so she was a little worried about meddling in other people's business for fear of getting herself in trouble.

However, when she remembered it was New Year's Eve, and how the elderly person was just like her—alone on the streets without any family members to accompany her—she begun to pity her.

Qiao Anhao hesitated for a moment, but eventually stood up and walked over. Before she could ask if the old lady was okay, the woman suddenly called out in surprise upon seeing her.