Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Long Time No See, My Love (12)

Jinnian... such a familiar name. The words at the tip of Qiao Anhao's tongue, suddenly paused.

But then, the old lady's expression grew erratic, as though she had seen her own family. She cheerfully reached her hand out and grabbed Qiao Anhao's hand. "Where's Jinnian? Why hasn't he come to visit me for so long?"

Qiao Anhao crouched down and took hold of the old lady to help her to the bench at the bus stop. "Grandma... which Jinnian do you mean?"

"Jinnian is Jinnian." The old lady, who originally looked delighted, suddenly became upset, as she desperately grabbed onto Qiao Anhao. "Tell me, where's Jinnian? Why doesn't he come to visit me?"

The old lady's response was like she hadn't heard anything. As Qiao Anhao escorted her to a seat under the bus stop, she glanced over at the promotional poster of Lu Jinnian behind them. She pointed at it and said, "Grandma, the Jinnian you mentioned, is that him?"

The old lady looked over at where Qiao Anhao's fingers were for a while, then stood up. She got up closer and took a good hard look for moment, then raised her hands to touch the photo. "Jinnian, why haven't you come to visit grandma? You said you would come visit grandma once a week! Count for yourself, just how long has it been! You heartless man!"

The old lady muttered non-stop, but from her reactions, Qiao Anhao could tell that the Jinnian she was talking about was the Lu Jinnian she had been looking for!

Was she Lu Jinnian's grandma?

Qiao Anhao suddenly got excited and switched from 'grandma' to 'granny'. "Granny, do you know where Lu Jinnian is? Please, tell me! I've been looking for him everywhere but I can't find him. Where is he?"

"Nonsense!" The old lady suddenly turned around and scowled at Qiao Anhao angrily. "You say you can't find Jinnian? How could you not find him! You're Jinnian's little wife, you definitely know."

Little wife?

Qiao Anhao froze at the old lady's words. "Granny, I'm not Lu Jinnian's little wife..."

The old lady didn't wait for Qiao Anhao to finish explaining herself, as she grew angry with tears rolling down her face. "Are you trying to bully me because I'm old?! Don't think that I don't recognize our Jinnian's little wife!"

With the old lady crying, Qiao Anhao felt at a loss for what to do. "Granny, please don't cry. I..."

The old lady didn't listen to what Qiao Anhao said, but then her face suddenly transformed from a clearly angry to a one with beaming smile. She grabbed Qiao Anhao's hand and said, "You little brat. With you, I'll be able to see Jinnian. Take me to find him!"

Qiao Anhao was so confused by the old lady's erratic words that she didn't dare say something to make her cry again.

Just as she racked her brain over what to do, she saw a sign wrapped around the old lady's chest. There was a number written on top of it. Out of curiosity, Qiao Anhao reached her arm out and grabbed it. The sign had a contact number written on it in case the old lady ever got lost.

Qiao Anhao quickly pulled out her phone and called the number. The call was answered very quickly by a woman who sounded like she was meant to take care of the old lady. The woman on the phone didn't wait for Qiao Anhao to speak first, asking, "Excuse me, did you find my contact details on an elderly woman?"