Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Long Time No See, My Love(17)

The two cars entered Beijing one after the other. When they reached the main road, Lu Jinnian didn't give Qiao Anhao any opportunity to react and suddenly sped up. By the time Qiao Anhao finally made the turn, the road ahead was already empty. 

Qiao Anhao slowed the car gradually, stopping at the side. She looked at the road ahead in a daze, not knowing which lane to take. 

In the end, she had still lost him... 

She sat in her car for a long while before reaching for her phone to look at the time —it was already midnight. The New Year had arrived, and she first called the middle-aged helper that was taking care of the old granny to ask if it was convenient for her to go over now to return the car. The woman a.s.sured her that it was fine to return it the next day. 

After hanging up, Qiao Anhao headed to her newly bought apartment unhappily. 

When she reached it, she sat down on the sofa lethargically. Only then did the heartache slowly start to creep in. 

She lowered her head to look at the faint bloodstains on her socks, pouting sadly. She carefully removed the socks from her feet to inspect the wounds - many tiny abrasions covered her white, flawless skin. 

Qiao Anhao took out a box of antiseptic wipes from under the coffee table and removed a packet to clean her wounds. The stinging sensation sent her face into a crumpled frown. 

After ensuring that the wound was clean, she lost all her energy. Hugging a pillow, she lay on the sofa. 

After so much difficulty, she had finally found Lu Jinnian, but he didn't seem to want to see her.

In the past, she had always believed that when they reunited, it would be the start of her happiness, but as how things were now, she had clearly been naive. 

But she could understand his behavior. 

In the beginning, he had waited the entire night for her, something that must have been an extremely great torment for him. 

Lowering her head, she saw the box of cigarettes and a piece of paper. She reached out and pick the paper, seemingly making up her mind. She stared at it with a determined gaze. 

Qiao Anhao indeed didn't give up, she didn't intend to hide either. Even though she had lost him the night before, it didn't mean that she was never going to find him again. 

The next morning, before the sun had risen, she climbed out of bed and headed to the Qiao house to celebrate the New Year's. After greeting her aunt and uncle, she accompanied them for breakfast before leaving with a random excuse. She then drove the car back to the old granny. 

Once she returned the car, she didn't rush off but instead stayed behind to keep the granny company. 

The old woman was one of the few people that Lu Jinnian held deep in his heart. After disappearing for such a long time, he didn't contact anyone, but on the night before New Year's, he had appeared at his mother's tomb. It meant that he would definitely visit the granny. 

Hence, Qiao Anhao decided to wait it out. 

Every morning, she would visit the granny and stay till it was late at night.

On the fourth night of the new year, just as she had predicted, Lu Jinnian appeared.