Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Long Time No See, My Love(19)
Chapter 608: Long Time No See, My Love19
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian, after asking, felt as though he was caring too much, so before Qiao Anhao could reply, he added, "You're not needed here, you can go."

Qiao Anhao paled, hurt by his words.

The nanny anxiously helped out. "Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao is here to visit granny. On the night before New Year's, granny got lost while trying to find you, it was Miss Qiao who brought her back..."

Lu Jinnian didn't seem interested in what she was saying. When she finished her sentence, he stated authoritatively, "Send her out."

It was clear that he didn't want her here, it was as though another second with her was a torture to him. Qiao Anhao lowered her lashes in embarrassment, her hands gripping onto her skirt helplessly.

"Mr. Lu..." The nanny wanted to persuade Lu Jinnian, but he was clearly not interested, walking toward the bedroom with large steps.

When he was about to pass Qiao Anhao, she called his name, "Lu Jinnian."

He hesitated slightly but didn't stop, brushing past her and entering the bedroom. Before he shut the door, he glanced at the nanny. "Stop dreaming, send Miss Qiao out."

Miss Qiao... This was the first time she hated these two words.

She turned her head to look at him instinctively, but without giving her another glance, he shut the door.

The atmosphere in the room turned awkward.

The nanny smiled in embarrassment before attempting to comfort her. "Miss Qiao, don't take it personally, Mr. Lu always had a bad temper."

Qiao Anhao lowered her lashes, replying softly, "I'm fine." Afraid to implicate the nanny anymore, she smiled. "I'll go now."

The nanny sent her all the way to the door, repeatedly apologizing on the way out.

After sending Qiao Anhao to the elevator, she returned to pack the things that Lu Jinnian had bought. Heading to the kitchen, she poured a cup of water, then headed to the bedroom and knocked on the door.

The old granny was already asleep, so Lu Jinnian sat by the bed, staring out the window in deep thought.

The nanny came forward to pass him the water. Softly, without disturbing the granny, she whispered, "Mr. Lu, have some water."

Lu Jinnian reached for the cup and thanked her faintly.

After he took the cup, she added softly, "I have sent Miss Qiao out."

Lu Jinnian paused slightly, his face impassive as he forced the water down his throat. Gracefully, he removed the cup from his lips and passed it over to her. He then nodded, acknowledging her words.

The nanny grabbed the cup and left the room.

Lu Jinnian sat in a daze for a while, before pulling the window open. Walking into the balcony, he lit up a cigarette.

The smoke surrounded him, and he stood there with a dazed expression.