Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Sign Here (1)
Chapter 61: Sign Here (1)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
While she was eating, she heard a car outside. She turned to the window and saw a car driving in. Her grip on the chopsticks tightened unconsciously. She lowered her head and stared at the plate of dumplings. Soon, the door creaked open and Lu Jinnian entered.

Qiao Anhao sneaked a peak at him while he was changing his shoes at the entrance before lowering her head to focus on her plate of dumplings.

She acted exactly the same way as before when she was alone in the mansion, but deep in her heart, she was fully aware that her palms were damp from sweat.

Lu Jinnian entered the living room, throwing his jacket onto the sofa. As he was loosening his tie, he caught sight of the lights in the kitchen. Inside, Qiao Anhao was eating alone at a long dining table that could fit up to ten people.

He stopped loosening his tie and turned towards the European clock in the living room. It was nearly 1 am in the morning. He frowned slightly before throwing his tie on the sofa and turning to head up the stairs. After just two steps, he turned towards the dining area as though he had forgotten something.

Even though Qiao Anhao was eating, her attention was focused on Lu Jinnian. She was not looking at him but she could hear him fiddling around. She had originally relaxed when he had headed towards the staircase, but the next moment, he had approached the dining area.

Qiao Anhao's heart clenched, her actions stiffening.

When he was in the living room, Lu Jinnian wasn't able to see what she was eating, but once he entered the dining area, he could clearly see the plate of frozen dumplings. His frown deepened and his lips moved slightly as though he wanted to ask something. But he didn't. Taking large strides, he walked towards the fridge and opened it. Other than the mineral water he had ordered, there was only frozen dumplings and instant noodles inside.

Lu Jinnian stared at the fridge for a while before reaching inside to take a bottle of mineral water. Opening it, he leaned against the large stone wall and downed a big gulp.

Uneasy due to Lu Jinnian's presence, Qiao Anhao finished her plate of dumplings rapidly before standing up to wash the plate. She dried her hands hurriedly and went back upstairs.