Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(2)

Without waiting for a reply, Lu Jinnian opened the door and left.

The a.s.sistant paused, and when he snapped back to his senses, he hurriedly took out his phone to text Qiao Anhao. [Miss Qiao, Mr. Lu stays in Four Seasons Hotel. From my understanding of his personality, his room will definitely be 1001. If you tell the staff his ident.i.ty number, they will open the door for you, the number is...]

After successfully sending out the message, he seemed to have recalled something and sent another text over. [Oh right, Miss Qiao, Mr. Lu mentioned that he would be leaving soon. You can use his ident.i.ty number to inquire about his flight number, but I can only help you this much; the rest is up to you.]

When he made sure the text went through, he hurriedly left the room to chase after Lu Jinnian.

Seemingly guilty for the second betrayal, he could not look straight into his boss' eyes. 

Lu Jinnian held Miss Qiao so deeply in his heart, there was no way he would stop loving her. The more he tried to avoid her, the more the a.s.sistant was certain that he still cared... Even though, he was not sure what had happened to cause Lu Jinnian to give her up.

But she was the only solution. The only one that could make Mr. Lu upset was Miss Qiao, and at the same time, she was the only one that could make him happy, too.

So his betrayal was justified, right? He just wanted to help Mr. Lu ... Help him regain the happiness he had lost for so many years.

Yes, right, he was helping him find happiness! When they finally came to be together and the betrayal came to light, he could seek help from Miss Qiao.

Knowing that Miss Qiao would be a strong backing, the a.s.sistant seemed to calm down somewhat. Through the rear view mirror, he glanced at Lu Jinnian.

The a.s.sistant didn't send Lu Jinnian upstairs, he stopped at the entrance of the hotel before driving off.

Since it was a couple days after New Year's, there weren't many occupants, and now that it was late into the night, there was only one man at the counter and two security guard in the main hall.

The elevator was at the top floor, so Lu Jinnian pressed the b.u.t.ton and waited. After about two minutes, a light bell sounded and the doors opened. Lu Jinnian walked in and pressed for top floor. 

When the elevator reached his floor, he walked out and followed the long stretch down to the end. In front of room "1001", he stopped, reaching for his card to open the door.

The room was in pitch darkness.

Lu Jinnian used the faint glow from the corridor to find the electricity slot. He placed his room card in, lighting up the room.

He turned and closed the door. Strolling back into the room, he removed his jacket and loosened his collar before heading towards the bedroom.

With one hand, he pushed open the bedroom door, and with the other, he pulled out his tie, tossing it onto the bed beside him. He started to unb.u.t.ton his s.h.i.+rt while turning to close the door. Just before he entered the bathroom to shower, he caught sight of something, and his whole body froze. After about three seconds, he turned back.

Qiao Anhao sat on the sofa in front of the floor to ceiling window.