Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(3)
Chapter 612: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant3
Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Lu Jinnian was not prepared, he had never expected to see Qiao Anhao sitting in his room. He froze, his fingers no longer unbuttoning his shirt.

This was the first time Qiao Anhao had dared to enter someone else's room without permission. She was jittery and anxious. With her clear black eyes wide-open, she stared straight at Lu Jinnian for a while before heading towards him. "Lu Jinnian, I'm sorry for disturbing you. "

Lu Jinnian remained silent, his gaze never leaving Qiao Anhao as she approached, his mind in a daze. It was as if he was dreaming.

When she was about half a meter away from him, she lifted her head. Her heart thumped frantically, as though it was about to jump out of her throat. "Lu Jinnian, can we talk?"

Her words seemed to be a dagger, striking deep into his heart. His face paled.

Once he had sent a text to her with a similar meaning, [Lets have a good talk during dinner.]

But that day, he waited the entire night. He had even humbled himself and thrown his pride, but only to be met with disappointment.

Lets have a talk ... She did not give him an opportunity to do so, sentencing him to death instantly.

His hands started to tremble, and due to the intensity, the button on his shirt was yanked off, falling onto the ground with a clear "ding". Lu Jinnian snapped back to his senses, a distant look clouding his eyes as he stared at her coldly, sucking all the warmth from the room. After about half a minute, he spoke in an emotionless voice. "I think there's nothing to talk about between the two of us."

Without any emotion, he diverted his gaze away from her face. Moving his hands down to the next button, he continued to unfasten his shirt as he walked casually to the bathroom. Just when he was about to enter it, he turned abruptly to look at Qiao Anhao. He stiffened slightly before adding coldly, "I don't care how you entered today, but I hope that I won't see you when I'm out, or I won't hesitate to call the police."

Turning, he entered the bathroom.

Anxiously, Qiao Anhao reached out for his shirt.

Lu Jinnian tensed, and his lips clenched tightly. He lowered his head to stare at her white, slender hands. Confusion and a mixture of other emotions clouded his eyes, but he still commanded her in a sharp tone, "Let go!"

Qiao Anhao lowered her head instantly, her fingers trembling. She was visibly frightened by his tone. But she tightened her grip on his shirt, even if from anxiety, her palms were starting to sweat. "Lu Jinnian, I know that you're angry, but could you give me some time? Let me finish what I want to say..."

"I'm not interested!" he interrupted irritably. With the other hand, he took hold of her wrist and pulled her hands off.