Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(7)

Qiao Anhao: [...]

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant: [...]

Zhao Meng: [Hey, what do you guys mean, are you disgusted by my idea? You guys are really dumb! Think about it, if he was really upset that Qiao Qiao didn't turn up for Valentines day, would he have gone to Qiao house to find her?] 

Zhao Meng: [That day, he waited for such a long time before giving up. He must have been in despair to leave without a word, must have been certain that Qiao Qiao didn't like him, so right now, the thing that he cares most about is whether Qiao Qiao likes him and not the reasons why she didn't turn up!] 

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant: [It seems to make sense.] 

Zhao Meng: [What do you mean by seems? It's definitely like that!] 

Zhao Meng: [Qiao Qiao, for the last time, are you certain that you want to be with him?] 

Qiao Anhao: [Yes] 

Zhao Meng: [Then it's set! Even if you guys aren't a couple yet, there is mutual love, so you will definitely conquer everything. From what you've mentioned, he must be quite determined not to get back with Qiao Qiao, so even if you were to tell him that you like him, he might not believe you. So forget about explaining, why don't you go the more direct way and just 'sleep' with him. When the time comes, his resolve will certainly weaken!] 

Zhao Meng sent over a large chunk of text, but she didn't seem to be rea.s.sured, so she added: [Qiao Qiao, remember to 'sleep' with him a few more times that night. If his resolve doesn't weaken, there would be a high chance that you at least would get pregnant! You can then use the child against him!] 

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant added: [Miss Qiao, when you get pregnant, remember to send me a photo so that I can gloat about it to Mr. Lu!] 

After that, the chat was flooded with their plans after Qiao Anhao became pregnant, everyone forgetting the current situation. 

Qiao Anhao read their conversation and sent a sweating emoticon, then got them back to reality. [The problem is that he doesn't even care about me right now! How am I supposed to 'sleep' with him?] 

Before she could read their replies, the tightly shut door flew open. 

She saw Lu Jinnian leaving the room fully dressed, with his luggage in tow. 

She froze in shock momentarily before hurriedly straightening, "Lu Jinnian, where are you going?"

He ignored her, heading towards the elevator with his luggage. 

Qiao Anhao followed behind hurriedly, but was not able to catch up. When she finally reached the elevator, he had already left. 

She hurriedly pressed for another elevator, and in the meantime took out her phone and sent a text to the group chat. [What do I do? Lu Jinnian left with his luggage, is he leaving?]

The a.s.sistant who had followed him through multiple crisis remained unusually calm. [Miss Qiao, calm down, I'll check which flight he is on.]