Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant (14)

The blonde woman was Lucy, the wife of a director Lu Jinnian had met while filming in Hollywood, and a psychologist. After learning that he was back in America tonight, she personally invited him to have dinner together.

When the car stopped at the hotel's doors, Lu Jinnian said "Thanks" to Lucy, then pushed open the car doors and got out. Who knew that Lucy would actually get out of the car and called for him to stop.

Lu Jinnian turned his head towards Lucy, who said with a beaming smile, "Jinnian, I think you've been a little restless tonight. You just seemed so distracted. Is something troubling you? Tell me, perhaps, I can help you."

"I'm fine," Lu Jinnian said flatly.

"Jinnian, you can't lie to me. Don't forget what I do for a living. Even if you tried hard to pretend to look calm tonight, I could still feel that you were acting strange. For example, during dinner tonight, you looked over at the window nineteen times. When I started the car up, you stared at the rear view mirror in a daze. Also while we were chatting tonight, there were four occasions when you didn't even reply to me..."

Just as Lucy spoke enthusiastically, they suddenly heard a delicate voice by their side.


When Lu Jinnian heard that voice, his whole body trembled.

Lucy, who had been speaking at that time, furrowed her brows at his abrupt reaction and asked worriedly, "Jinnian, what's wrong?"

Lu Jinnian didn't even have time to shake his head at Lucy before a small frame suddenly rushed over and into his arms. "Hubby, where were you? I've been here waiting for you for so long."

Lucy jumped in shock at Qiao Anhao's sudden appearance. Though she didn't understand Chinese, she at least knew a few words, and "Hubby" was one of them. She creased her brows while staring at Lu Jinnian, and asked in English, "Jinnian, you're not married, right? Why is she calling you hubby?"

Qiao Anhao understood English, so as soon as she heard Lucy's questions, she was certain that her and Lu Jinnian's relations.h.i.+p was abnormal.

No matter if Lu Jinnian really liked this foreign woman, or if he faked his affection for her, she was definitely going to find a way to make her back off and never disturb him ever again.

Qiao Anhao's eyes turned. Then, as though to show off her power, she tiptoed, and pecked Lu Jinnian on the cheek twice. Lu Jinnian, who had only just come to terms with had just happened, fell for it again, and he froze once more.

Qiao Anhao, on the other hand, seemed practically addicted to her act. She continuously called him her husband in a playful way. "Hubby, I came all the way from Beijing to find you. Hubby, I'm so tired from the flight. Hubby, I have something to tell you..."

Qiao Anhao casually said the last word without thinking about what news she had for him, so after a short pause, she blinked and said, "Hubby, I'm pregnant!"

Right right right! If she was pregnant, then the foreign woman would definitely back off!

After she said that, Qiao Anhao realized that she spoke in Chinese. What if that blonde woman couldn't understand?

Qiao Anhao suddenly blinked her big eyes. She turned to look at Lucy, then s.h.i.+fted her gaze back at Lu Jinnian and repeated her sentence in English. "Hubby, I'm pregnant! Aren't you happy?!"