Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant (15)

Lucy, who had only understood the word "Hubby", looked over at Lu Jinnian once again with startled eyes, and asked, "Jinnian? Pregnant?"

Lucy's astonishment fell on Qiao Anhao's eyes. In her mind, it looked like the woman had just realized that her boyfriend had a wife and she was looking for his confirmation.

How could she ask for confirmation?

Since the blonde woman still wasn't backing off, then she couldn't blame her for going overboard!

Qiao Anhao then hugged Lu Jinnian's neck and repeated her words in English in the sweetest voice she could muster while wearing a dazzling smile. "Hubby, I came all the way from Beijing to find you. Hubby, I'm so tired from the flight. Hubby, I haven't eaten dinner yet, I'm so hungry, so hungryyyy..."

After a long time, Lu Jinnian who needed a lot of time to snap back from Qiao Anhao's actions that were without rhyme or reason finally came back to his senses.

Who could tell him, just what was Qiao Anhao playing at? What kind of scene was she acting out?

He gave Lucy an apologetic look and said, "Sorry..."

As his words fell on Qiao Anhao's ears, she thought he was clearly trying to keep the beautiful blonde woman around. How could she give him that chance?

Under such extreme circ.u.mstances, Qiao Anhao didn't even think twice about it. She tiptoed and forcefully pulled Lu Jinnian's head down. On a busy street on foreign soil, Lu Jinnian swallowed the words "Excuse me" when her lips covered his.

The long-awaited softness and warmth made the blood in Lu Jinnian's entire body run against its flow. It was as if the pressure points on his whole body had been pressed; there was no way could raise his arms and push Qiao Anhao away.

When Lu Jinnian had said "Sorry", Lucy instinctively thought that he would excuse himself, so she had never imagined that the pretty, little black-haired woman would suddenly kiss him on the lips. Lucy couldn't help but gasp in surprise at her actions. Then, shaking her head with a smile on her face, she stepped back and got into the car. She started it up and left.

When Qiao Anhao heard the sound of the car driving away, she thought that she'd successfully warded off the foreign woman. With that, her heart couldn't help but feel unbelievably satisfied. She tore her lips away from Lu Jinnian with the expression of content on her face.

There were foreign men all around who couldn't help but whistle at the startled Lu Jinnian. With this, he finally responded to the fact that Qiao Anhao had actually forced him into a kiss just now. A silent smear of red crept up his cold and distant face, and his expression changed a number of times. Then he abruptly pulled Qiao Anhao away from his neck and arms, turned around, and took big strides in a rush to get into the hotel.

After Lu Jinnian threw Qiao Anhao aside, her footsteps staggered for a moment. Then, dun-dun-dun, she stamped her high heels, chasing after him. She reached her arm out and grabbed his wrist.

Lu Jinnian's muscles suddenly tightened up. He didn't turn around to face Qiao Anhao behind him but forcefully struggled to pull his wrist free. This only triggered Qiao Anhao to raise her other hand and hug his arm even tighter in hers.

Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows for a moment, then continued to struggle out of her grip. When he realized he couldn't break free, he said in a cold voice, "Let go!"

Qiao Anhao's body gently s.h.i.+vered, but she hugged his arms even tighter.

Eventually, Lu Jinnian couldn't take it anymore. He turned his head and stared into Qiao Anhao's eyes in rage. "What the h.e.l.l are you doing?"