Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Marriage(3)

Just like a movie scene, the memories from the night before flooded in, one by one. Qiao Anhao scanned the surroundings. When she realized that Lu Jinnian was nowhere in sight, she automatically a.s.sumed that he had ran away. She hurriedly climbed off the bed and ran out of the bedroom without noticing her naked body. 

When Lu Jinnian heard movement, he turned towards the source of the sound. Just then, Qiao Anhao appeared at the door unclothed. He frowned, turning away abruptly. "Wear something before coming out." 

Qiao Anhao flushed a deep shade of red and retreated back into the backroom, slamming the door behind her. 

After taking a shower, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe. When she approached the bed, she saw a new set of clothes with tags still on them. 

Lu Jinnian must have bought them for her earlier this morning. 

She quickly blow dried her hair, tied them into a messy bun, and put on the clothes before leaving the bedroom. 

Lu Jinnian had already placed some dishes on the table. When he heard the door open, he lifted his head. "Come have some food." 

He then sat down on the chair next to him. 

Qiao Anhao walked over slowly, studying his face. When she was sure that he wasn't angry or seemed to want to question her, she started to feel more rea.s.sured, pulling open a chair to take a seat. 

Lu Jinnian pa.s.sed her a set of chopsticks, signaling for her to eat. 

That was when she finally relaxed. She lowered her head and started eating. Deep inside, she was complimenting Zhao Meng for her suggestion. 

After sleeping for such a long time, she was starving. With her newly brightened spirits, she started to eat happily. 

Lu Jinnian moved his chopsticks twice before putting them back down. He leaned back against the chair and stared at Qiao Anhao as she ate. 

Only when she stopped eating did he finally move. He turned to pa.s.s her a wet tissue before walking to the sofa. He glanced at the two bags, hesitated slightly before bending down, and took out a box of pills.

Turning around, he walked over to the table counter to pour a cup of water before heading back to the table. He first placed the cup of water in front of her, then paused for some ten seconds, seemingly debating something, after which he pa.s.sed them over. "Eat one." 

Qiao Anhao had on a faint smile while holding onto the wet tissue. She then turned and saw the pills in his hands. "What's this?" 

Lu Jinnian remained silent. 

Qiao Anhao blinked twice and turned to look at the box of pills. All the color left her face instantly. She tightened her grip on the wet tissue in her hands as shock clouded her face. After a moment, she turned to Lu Jinnian with confusion in her eyes. "Why are you giving me this?" 

Lu Jinnian glanced at her face for a moment before placing the pills on the table. Instead of replying to her, he pulled out an air ticket from his pocket. "After you finish it, I'll bring you to the airport."