Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 641

Chapter 641: Marriage(12)

"Let's go," Qiao Anaho said clearly. When Lu Jinnian walked towards the door, she followed right after. 

When she was about to walk out, she seemed to have thought of something. "Wait!" 

Lu Jinnian thought that she was regretting her decision and froze, stopping immediately. Turning with a ferocious expression on his face, he saw that she had run to the cupboard at the side. After rummaging through for a long while, she held up her car keys, hurriedly returning back to the door, a bright smile on her face. "Let's go."

She was just looking for the car keys... Lu Jinnian heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, and they left the house. 

They took the same elevator down to the underground parking lot. Qiao Anhao pressed the keys towards a red Audi, and when the car unlocked, she pa.s.sed the keys over to Lu Jinnian. He seemed to understand her intentions, reaching over before heading towards the drivers seat. 

When it was about 4.20 pm, the car steered into the parking lot of the Civil Affairs Bureau. 

Lu Jinnian switched off the engine. Qiao Anhao released the seat belt and turned over, prepared to alight from the car. 

Lu Jinnian remained still, and instead called out, "Qiao Qiao." 

She turned over in confusion. Looking into his dark eyes, she asked, "Yea?" 

Lu Jinnian's subconscious was telling him not to bother asking her. He should just bring her out, get the checkup, take the photo, and get the marriage license, by then, she would truly be his wife. 

But he still hesitated. "Qiao Qiao, are you sure you want to marry me?" 

After they reunited, Qiao Anhao had been left behind by Lu Jinnian several times. The moment she heard his question, she started to panic. Instinctively, she reached out to grab his sleeve. "Lu Jinnian, are you regretting your decision?" 

Even though he was sorry to have caused her uneasiness, it seemed to comfort him. 

He reached out to unfasten his seat belt before faintly replying, "Let's go." 

Qiao Anhao remained silent. She nodded and hurriedly alighted. Rus.h.i.+ng over to the other side of the car, she grabbed onto Lu Jinnian's hand, worried that he would run off. 

Lu Jinnian looked down at her hand, his temples gaining a sense of tenderness instantly. Turning his arm around, he held onto her hand before closing the doors to the car, heading to the Civil Affairs Bureau. 

When they were right outside the doors, he turned to say again, "Once we enter, there is no turning back." 

Qiao Anhao replied with a "yea", her expression resolute. "Let's go." 

Lu Jinnian remained still. He then added, "And I will never accept a divorce." 

Qiao Anhao nodded her head continuously before using her jaw to point towards the Civil Affairs Bureau. "Let's go!" 

Lu Jinnian did not move, asking the third time, "Are you sure?" 

Qiao Anhao became increasingly more uneasy from his hesitance. They were already outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, he won't run away now, right?

Without replying, she tugged him violently into the Civil Affairs Bureau.