Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Marriage(14)

Lu Jinnian took in her actions, and even though he remained expressionless, his face turned tender and loving. He started the engine, heading onto the road. 

Qiao Anhao lowered her head, carefully arranging the doc.u.ments and photographs with seriousness, before finally raising the two red marriage certificates. Turning, she pa.s.sed Lu Jinnian's certificate over to him. "Here's yours." 

Lu Jinnian turned his head slightly while keeping his focus on the road. When he saw the words "Marriage Certificate" imprinted on the cover page of the red book, he suddenly realized that both of their names would be together now. Abruptly, the steering wheel steered sideways, slightly out of control, but quickly, Lu Jinnian stabilized the car and calmly reached over to grab the red book. 

Only after holding it in his hands for a long while was he willing to put it aside into his pocket. Even though the red book didn't hold much warmth, he could still feel a hint of heat through the thin pocket fabric separating it from his skin. 

When they hit a red light, Lu Jinnian glanced at Qiao Anhao through the rear view mirror: she was studying the red book intently. 

The faint glow from the sunset fell onto her face, coloring it with a faint reddish shade. Her long lashes were lowered, her lips curled into a slight smile. 

Lu Jinnian was mesmerized just then, but the continuous honking from the cars behind him snapped him back to reality. He turned his attention back to the road. Even though his features were soft and tender, he spoke coldly. "Which house do you like?" 

"Uh?" Qiao Anhao asked in confusion as she lifted her head. 

"Do you intend for us to stay separately on the first day of our marriage?" 

"Uhh..." Qiao Anhao frowned, seemingly unclear of the meaning before suddenly realizing what he had meant. Tilting her head to the side, she thought for a while. "Mian Xiu Garden."

That mansion in Mian Xiu Garden held many of their memories, and even after she had left, he still maintained everything as though they were still living together. 

Hence, after they got married now, she wished for Mian Xiu Garden to be their home. 

After she replied, she realized that she had sounded too resolute so she added, "Can we?" 

Without replying to her question, he said,"After such a long flight, you must be tired. After dinner, we'll go back to rest. I'll help you move your things tomorrow." 

He seemed to be agreeable. 

After dinner, they returned to Mian Xiu Garden. While Qiao Anhao showered, Lu Jinnian headed to the study room. Out of habit, he lit a cigarette. After just a few puffs, he reached for the red book in his pocket. 

He stared at the cover page for a long while before flipping it open to look at the photo of himself and Qiao Anhao. 

She was smiling sweetly, her eyes curved into crescents. He clearly remembered that he was emotionless at that time, but in the photo there was a hint of a smile on his lips. 

After a long while, he glanced down at their names. 

Lu Jinnian.

Qiao Anhao.